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Singtel's Australian subsidiary, Optus, has opened an Advanced Security Operations Centre (ASOC) in Sydney, the latest in a global network operated by Singtel subsidiary Trustwave.

The new center, in which Optus says it has invested $A10 million, will provide businesses with managed security services supported by Trustwave, acquired by Singtel in 2015 for $US770 million. According to Optus it was the largest independent provider of managed security services in North America.

Optus Business managing director, John Paitaridis, said the center was unique in that it was one of global network of eight federated security operations centers run by Singtel and Trustwave.

Trustwave CEO and President Robert J McCullen said: 'Through the globally federated ASOC in Sydney and our extensive managed security services offerings, Trustwave and Optus are helping Australian organizations to address advanced information security threats. It marks a significant milestone in Trustwave's global expansion plans with the opening of the center in Australia.'

Paitaridis said: 'Cybercrime is a persistent, global threat. It is the number one economic crime in Australia '“ it is undeniable, unrelenting and growing and, with increasing online and digital presence, business and government must be able to confidently operate, innovate and maintain trust with customers and stakeholders in this evolving landscape.'

Optus customers using the ASOC gain access to comprehensive threat intelligence, threat data analytics and advanced security automation for incident response, backed by the elite SpiderLabs team at Trustwave.

'The ASOC specifically provides proactive threat management, in-country forensic capabilities including incident response, access to best of breed cyber security technology partnerships and combined threat intelligence, all consolidated within the Centre to provide a truly global cyber view,' Paitaridis said.

Optus, together with Singtel, has formed strategic partnerships with a range of security leaders like FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, Checkpoint and Akamai. 

'This powerful partner ecosystem ensures Optus customers will access the latest best of breed security technologies, allowing for proactive management and support by a single provider with deep capabilities and global presence,' said Paitaridis.

Paitaridis said the ASOC would ensure Australian businesses were better protected from advanced cyber security threats, while alleviating the pressures created by resource constraints, skills shortages and compliance requirements.

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