Ericsson has signed a five-year contract with Ooredoo Group to implement its Revenue Manager charging and billing system across the Group's footprint in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, starting with Indosat Ooredoo, its largest operation, in November, followed by deployment across its other operations in 2016 and 2017.

According to Ericsson, the new system will enable Ooredoo to offer its customers the products they need more quickly and to tailor pricing, packages and services according to customer demand in each market.

'Ooredoo Group companies will enjoy a single, converged platform that enables them to handle all their users and services, regardless of payment option or access method,' Ericsson says. 'The solution will be gradually deployed across all Ooredoo operations and will enable them to bring new offers for telecommunication services to market in minutes, rather than months.'

Ericsson describes Revenue Manager as 'a cloud-ready convergent charging and billing system that redefines the role of business support systems (BSS) '¦ [making] innovation fast and efficient, and [opening] the door to easier digital services creation that spans beyond telecom and integrates partners from different industries.'

Ericsson says the deployment of its software and cloud technologies will also support Ooredoo's ongoing digital business transformation, enabling Ooredoo to realize significant cost savings by replacing its existing systems and local agreements with 'a pioneering new group-wide license model.'

'The cloud-ready Ericsson Revenue Manager will provide Ooredoo with a number of advantages as it updates its product portfolio and drives the development of digital innovation across its markets,' Ericsson says. 'The simple configuration reduces dependency on technical departments, makes it easier and faster to launch new services, and helps future-proof operations against changing demands from customers and technological disruption.'

Ooredoo Group deputy CEO, Waleed Al Sayed, said: 'Across our footprint, Ooredoo is aiming for data experience leadership, and placing renewed emphasis on empowering our customers and giving them the services they need when they need them. Through this agreement with Ericsson, we will enable every Ooredoo operation to deliver fast, customer-oriented offers and launch new data products and services that support our growing portfolio of digital services and enables the growth of the '˜Internet of Things'.'

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