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ZTE Corporation, a major international provider  of  telecommunications,   enterprise  and  consumer  technology  solutions  for  the Mobile Internet,  hosted the Big Video Global Summit 2017 as growing demand for video services spur new innovations and network transformation.

With the focus on network and operation transformation, delegates from ZTE and partners including China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, BelTelecom, Irdeto, and GSMA discussed new opportunities and innovations in video technologies, services and business models.

With rapid development of mobile and fixed broadband, video service has become a basic service of telecom operators. As more innovative video-related services have emerged, such as mobile video and webcast, and are changing the layout and operation model of traditional video  services, and  influencing  the  construction  and  development  of  basic  information networks, network and operation refactoring is therefore the focal point for all operators.

Zhu Jinyun, Senior Vice President of ZTE Corporation, and Weijun Lee, a senior expert from ZTE’s  CTO  Group,  presented  the  company’s  strategies  and  insights  on  network  and operation  transformation  that  support  Big  Video  services – with the  transition  to  next- generation networks, ZTE is focused on solutions that optimize gateways to video services, fixed-mobile convergence and network traffic management.

RCS (Rich communication services) is emerging as a key technology for video service gateways,   supporting new communication and social networking services to provide platform-based and media-based video services. Content   distribution   network   (CDN) solutions are increasingly embracing network virtualization. The final objective is to completely open operators’ video and network capabilities to internet services.

ZTE   launched   its   Premium   Video   Platform, which   upgrades video capabilities and technologies to support more open and intelligent operations. Based on Big Data technology, Premium Video Platform can rapidly improve operators’ abilities to support new services and enable continuous growth of video traffic and content payment.

With the growth of video service user base, the business value of the Big Video draws more attention. Big Video not only brings profits by providing services, but also brings capability of traffic monetization.   Operators  are  eager  to  figure  out  how  to  improve  user  service experience  through  big data and artificial  intelligence(AI) and monetize  massive  content promptly.

Meanwhile, as new video services emerge such as 4K, VR, webcast, and short video,  users  have  more  requirements  for video  experience,  which  are  ultra-fast,  simple, smart and stable, the network has been transforming driven by Big Video, how to meet the requirements for future network SDN/NFV architecture, flexibly schedule resources across the whole network and provide customers with faster and more stable network experience are top priorities for network development in the future.

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