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HomeGrid Forum announced China Telecom Shanghai Research Institute has become its newest promoter member. China Telecom Shanghai Research Institute is the major research organization within the China Telecom Corporation, and has worked on G.hn related projects for over three years.

The corporation joins other HomeGrid Forum members from Asia, as the Asian, and particularly the Chinese markets, continue to dominate the global technology industry. This signing will secure HomeGrid Forum’s already prominent presence within Asia.

China Telecom selected G.hn as its home networking technology of choice and China Telecom Shanghai announced its first public tender request for G.hn devices earlier this year. This marks the start of G.hn commercial deployments by carriers in China.

Furthermore, China Telecom Shanghai Research Institute has expressed its interest in establishing a new HomeGrid Forum Certification facility at its labs in Shanghai. Currently silicon and system vendors can only certify their products in Shenzhen or Taipei. The addition of a Shanghai lab will facilitate certification for HomeGrid Forum members close to Shanghai.

Donna Yasay, President of HomeGrid Forum, said: “Welcoming China Telecom Shanghai Research Institute as our newest member is fantastic. We look forward to gaining its invaluable insight and perspective into the Chinese and Asian markets as we continue to expand our presence in the region. We’ve been championing G.hn technology for many years, and support from an organization of this caliber validates our efforts.”

Yasay added that G.hn is the number one technology for an in-home ultra-broadband experience and has the potential to revolutionize the Smart Home experience in the APAC region: “When combined with other technologies, such as wireless, home mesh networking and Ethernet, G.hn creates an unrivalled hybrid that can extend connectivity further than other products on the market. G.hn is the vital backbone for the kind of seamless connectivity that is now in demand around the world.”

HomeGrid Forum works with its member companies to ensure interoperability between vendors and products. It ensures high standards are met through a strict compliance and interoperability testing program, which results in silicon and system certification.

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