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With the acceleration of 5G commercial use, a new wave of global 5G construction is ushered in, accelerating the integration of 5G and various industries, bringing strong impetus to the digital transformation of industries. Emerging markets require that the digital infrastructure includes connectivity and high-quality cloud services to achieve a digital economy. ZTE iCube is a new type of cloud network infrastructure, and integration with vertical industries application to become a new economic growth point for operators and industries in the future.

It will be more economical, reasonable, and agile for local operators to provide cloud and network services in emerging markets compared with existing public cloud providers. They need a feasible, economical, and mature cloud network solution that can be integrated with their existing network.

Compared with traditional independent cloud solutions, ZTE iCube is a one-stop digital infrastructure solution which can support a long-term target architecture, helping operators provide both network and cloud services in emerging markets. It proposes diversified product forms to meet different demands of large, medium and small industry scales. It includes standard cloud-network dual-cabinets, AIO cloud-network cabinet, single-server device and embedded type, integrating 5G RAN, PON access network for fixed users, optical & IP bearer networks, industry 5GC (i5GC), industry IMS (iIMS) and edge cloud, to empower 5G capabilities and on-demand cloud services for emerging markets.

At the same time, software functions can be selected on demand. Based on componentized network functions and cloud native ICT cloud foundation, ZTE iCube converges 2G/3G/4G/5G NSA/5G SA/Fixed networks, providing a fully-converged dedicated network for industries. It features subscription of menu-based modules and functions, plug-and-play hardware, one-stop delivery, flexible customization of SLA, and high security, throughput and autonomy degree. It allows different function combinations and deployment modes to enable a precise and ultimate service experience for the industry in minimal space, ultra-low power consumption and simplified O&M conditions. This reuses operators' power supply, equipment rooms, and maintenance personnel at sites, thus greatly reducing costs and shortening the time-to-market (TTM) of cloud and network services. It helps operators transform from communication service providers (CSPs) to diversified digital service providers (DSPs), effectively promoting the sustainable development of emerging markets.

Up to now, ZTE has worked with operators and over 500 industry partners to explore nearly 100 innovative 5G application scenarios in 15 fields, such as industry, energy, transportation, government and finance. ZTE iCube helps operators develop new business models of network-as-a-service (NaaS). At present, this solution has been deployed in many emerging fields to effectively promote the development of the mobile market economy.

In the field of smart mine, ZTE assists Shaanxi Yulin Energy & Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., China Coal Technology Engineering Group Smart Mine Co., Ltd., China Broadcast Network Co., Ltd (CBN), and China Mobile in deploying 5G dedicated mine network to provide end-to-end 5G VoNR HD video services for coal mines, and dispatches and directs underground safe production of coal mines in real-time. It realizes the world’s first 5G 700M + 2.6G convergent networking in the coal industry. This project adopts ZTE iCube solution to deploy the new cloud network infrastructure, achieving localization of 5G network, no data out of the campus, high network security and high reliability.

In the field of smart manufacturing, ZTE works with SANY and Beijing Mobile to provide end-to-end private 5G networks including wireless, i5GC and industrial applications based on ZTE iCube solution. It provides highly isolated, secure and one-stop private network services for SANY Campus, enabling the digital transformation of SANY and injecting new vitality into intelligent manufacturing.

In the field of smart healthcare, ZTE and a hospital in Jiangsu have jointly adopted the iCube solution to build a private 5G medical network. Two i5GCs are combined into a pool to build a highly reliable network for the hospital, fully guaranteeing the low latency and large bandwidth of medical terminals, and providing efficient support for remote consultation, remote diagnosis, remote ultrasound and remote ward round.

ZTE will continue to expand the open ecosystem, and work with global partners to deeply innovate in 5G to achieve business success and jointly promote the prosperity of the digital economy.

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