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Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, Kii, has announced that it is bringing its IoT platform, experience and smart city expertise to enable smart city solutions in India. It kicked off its efforts at the 'IoT in Smart City' event held on March 18 in Hyderabad.

""The mission of smart cities is to vastly improve the lives of people by addressing some of the challenges that cities face,"" said Kii CEO, Masanari Arai. ""We believe that smart city initiatives such as smart street lighting, smart transportation, smart utilities, etc will significantly help to reduce costs, increase revenues and optimize consumption of smart city services. We intend to work with government officials at city and regional levels as well as the rest of the smart city industry ecosystem to help carry forward India's smart city initiatives.""

Kii claims that its IoT platform supports all components of a typical smart city solution. ""India's Smart Cities vision is broad and complex and Kii will play an active role in implementing this vision,"" the company said. ""Kii enables customers across the globe to rapidly create compelling IoT solutions in a wide range of scenarios from smart homes to smart cities with its scalable, easy to use, feature-rich world-class IoT platform.""

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