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ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, hosted the RCS Global Summit 2017 at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai conference leading industry efforts to accelerate development of RCS (rich communication services) technology.

Attended by partners including China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and GSMA, the RCS Global Summit 2017 featured best practices and innovations in RCS from the industry’s top  players,  including  the  deployment  of  RCS  technology  in  new  smart  home  and  IoT services.

Zhu Jinyun, Senior Vice President of ZTE, said that ZTE has been proactively working with leading multinational telecommunication operators, in addition to GSMA and Google, to drive the development of industry standards and create new growth avenues for RCS.

At  present,  ZTE  has  been  constructing  four  big  RCS  hosting  centers,  which  are  of  UP standard,  globally  to  provide  a  low-cost  and  rapidly-released  RCS  service  solution  for operators. In February 2017, ZTE began services of the Amazon public cloud RCS hosting centre (Frankfurt node) to provide RCS access services for customers in Europe.

In addition, ZTE has been constructing four large-scale RCS hub centres to provide interconnection services for global RCS operators, which allow all operators to realize global interconnection only if they access the ZTE RCS hub. In June 2017, ZTE plans to deploy its RCS Hub1.0 in the Asia-Pacific region.

ZTE has successfully partnered with China’s three major operators to implement RCS inter-connection  tests. During MWC Shanghai 2017, ZTE launched the MaaP Chatbot, the first robot in the industry, which can help operators realize SMS transformation to A2P and provide innovative experience of RCS operation for operators.

With the rapid development  of RCS industry,  establishing  a unified and efficient  platform based  on RCS  is one of the top issues  among  the participants  and collaborators  at the Summit.  The  Messaging  as  a Platform  (MaaP)  concept  submitted  by  GSMA  provides  a brand new RCS operation approach and model. Guests from China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and Ali Telecom shared their strategies concerning smart home, enterprises and NB-IoT industry.

Xu Huijun, Executive Vice President of ZTE, said that with years of development and collaborative efforts in the industry, RCS supports operators in their service transformation, and deliver new opportunities for consumers and enterprises.   

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