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An international business school has taken the pioneering step of introducing a comprehensive library of VR Learning Experiences. This expansion will enhance the effectiveness of management education and propel advancements in management research.

The INSEAD XR Portal represents an innovative platform that hosts the world's most extensive collection of learning experiences powered by virtual reality (VR) technology. It also provides a comprehensive solution for delivering these immersive learning experiences to classrooms worldwide.

Designed to cater to academic and corporate partners alike, INSEAD XR represents a significant advance in educational technology. It offers a scalable, cost-effective and user-friendly XR-based solution that enhances the impact of learning by making it more engaging and memorable. The portal currently grants access to 20 VR experiences that span a broad spectrum of management topics.

Over 40 faculty members at INSEAD have already begun incorporating INSEAD XR into their teaching or research endeavors, actively participating in the development of VR experiences. INSEAD XR has also successfully onboarded three academic institutions, enabling them to integrate VR experiences into their teaching methods, with ongoing plans to welcome additional institutions into the fold.

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