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The popular messaging app Telegram has been found to leak users' IP addresses during voice calls, according to security researcher Denis Simonov. By adding a hacker to their contacts and accepting a phone call from them, users unknowingly expose their IP address. TechCrunch verified this issue by conducting an experiment with Simonov, who was able to provide the IP address of the computer used. While Telegram claims to be a secure and private messaging app, experts have repeatedly warned that it is not as secure as apps like Signal. This IP leak has been known for years but may be unknown to less technical users. Telegram spokesperson Remi Vaughn explained that the app uses a peer-to-peer connection during calls for better quality and reduced latency, which requires both sides to know each other's IP addresses. To avoid this issue, users can change their settings to disable peer-to-peer connections. Other messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Skype, have also been found to leak IP addresses in the past.


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