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“Limelight Network’s private CDN network coupled with our move to build a stronger edge presence, are committed to helping our clients tackle challenges in delivering quality digital content to end-users, and ultimately improve overall customer experience,” says Jaheer Abbas, the Senior Director of Limelight Networks for Southeast Asia and India.

Telecom Review Asia was fortunate enough to secure an interview with Jaheer Abbas to discuss the company’s strategy in providing CDN solutions, support and services offered to the Asia Pacific region, as well as how the brand distinguishes itself from other industry competitors.

Could you please provide our readers with some background about your role, your experience in the industry and Limelight Networks’ objective for Southeast Asia and India?

I’m Jaheer Abbas, the Senior Director at Limelight Networks and I’m responsible for the strategic planning and execution of the business in Southeast Asia (SEA) and India. I have over 20 years of experience in the content delivery network (CDN) industry and have worked with various large and small over-the-top, media and broadcast service providers in the SEA region, China and India.

How are Limelight’s products and services making a difference in the region in terms of fast, secure and stress-free content delivery?

As a leading global CDN, Limelight Networks supports content delivery, video delivery, cloud security, and edge services to help enterprises transmit digital contents through globally distributed edge locations.

We have developed a deep understanding of the complexities of providing the best possible online experiences to a global audience, and established a track record in helping organizations across industries, workflows and company sizes improve their online performance.

Superior customer experience underpinned by a high-performance private network, software innovation, and excellent customer support are our key differentiators in this region.

Which of Limelight’s range of products and solutions have seen the most success in Southeast Asia and India? What are the roadblocks you have faced so far in the pursuit of these successful ventures?

We are seeing significant opportunities to drive revenue growth in line with our strategy of being the leading provider of delivering low latency, high quality video on a global scale. There continues to be a high degree of interest in Limelight’s real time streaming, which is the industry's first global scalable sub-second live video streaming solution that is natively supported by major browsers and devices. We are also gaining momentum with our edge cloud businesses which leverage our infrastructure to address demand for edge compute applications.

To ensure the success of our products and transform the edge as an emerging hub for distribution of content, we have started to expand capacity in existing PoPs and building new PoPs in new geographies across the globe. That way, we allow data to be processed close to its source for applications where latency is important.

Ensuring a great quality of experience for users entails securing and protecting content from a variety of potential threats. With the cost and complexity of preventing and responding to security breaches on the rise, we are constantly upgrading our cloud-based security services to mitigate threats without adding latency to the delivery experience.

A seamless digital experience is essential for customers in this day and age, so what do you think sets Limelight apart from other content delivery service companies who also operate in Southeast Asia and India?

Limelight’s unique advantage lies in our fast, reliable and secure global private network, which enables our customers to bypass internet congestion and avoid security issues. We have more than a hundred Points of Presence (PoPs) in over 40 locations around the world, in addition to global edge processing capabilities that enable real-time applications and workflows.

We also set the pace for the industry, with our Origin Storage and Realtime Streaming solutions. Limelight offers the industry’s highest performing origin storage solution, allowing customers to simplify workflows with ingest automation, high availability, global scale, and multi-CDN support, all at an excellent value.

We have also recently launched Limelight Realtime Streaming, the industry’s first globally scalable, sub-second live video streaming solution. This award-winning solution enables businesses to stream live video content, to and from anywhere in the world, in less than a second, providing online viewers with the same experience enjoyed by broadcast viewers.

Under your leadership, what details can you share about Limelight’s future plans in the region?

In the coming years, we are keen to continue investing into the Asian region. One part of this strategy includes enhancing our footprint in the region through marketing our new products, establishing mutually-beneficial collaborations with strategic partners in the industry, as well as expanding our regional team to meet the growing demand for video content delivery services.

Aside from this, we are also placing a heavier focus on research and development for our solutions and capabilities. Given that we are operating in such a digitally savvy region, it is imperative that we ensure our solutions are able to address customers’ ever-changing needs, while offering operational efficiencies to our customers.


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