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ZTE is a major Chinese multinational telecom vendor which provides solutions that range from mobile internet to data telecommunications gear to smartphones.

Sergio Parolari, ZTE’s Standards Manager, has been appointed as Vice Chairman of 3GPP for RAN2.

The 3rd Generation partnership Project (3GPP) is an organization which is made up of seven regional telecom associations as primary members along with other organizations as associate members. The organization produces standard protocols on the procedures of mobile telephony and is renowned for its work in the development and maintenance of the global telecom standards over the past 20 years.

Telecom Review Asia managed to secure an interview with Sergio Parolari to have a chat about his latest achievement.

As a seasoned ICT industry expert who’s been in the industry for 20 years, your appointment to Vice Chairman of 3GPP must be a milestone in your professional career! What do you think of your new role?

This is indeed an important achievement for myself and ZTE, an acknowledgement for what we contributed during all these years to the continuous success of 3GPP. And I'm definitely excited to start acting in my new role!

What will your role as Vice Chairman at 3GPP for RAN2 entail?

The role will involve cooperating with the new RAN2 leadership to drive the 3GPP RAN2 work in the next few years, continuing to develop the needed radio protocol enhancements to support 5G NR and future mobile communication technologies.

Additionally, during the RAN2 meetings, I will chair a part of the scheduled sessions, dedicated to some of the many agenda items we need to cover during the meeting week.

How will your past professional experience contribute to this new role?

I think my past experience in 3GPP will certainly help me in handling the tough discussions we usually have in the meetings and in ensuring that the progress is achieved in a technically driven and consensus-based manner, as we always do in 3GPP.

What will this mean for ZTE?

With great “power” comes great responsibility. As I mentioned earlier, this an important and well-deserved acknowledgement for what ZTE - one of the main contributors in 3GPP - did so far for the success of the whole ecosystem.

ZTE, as RAN2 vice chairman, will certainly act neutrally and professionally for the benefit of the whole 3GPP community and the wireless industry.

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