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The telecoms industry is on the fast track towards global digital transformation and, by the looks of it, isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. With the arrival of 5G and a list of other emerging technologies into the ecosystem, it is no surprise that data analytics and network security will play a critical role in protecting and optimizing mobile network operations in the future.

This sense of urgency and determination to provide cutting edge, analytics-based solutions for the telecom industry and other verticals is what drives Mobileum to continuously improve, innovate and most importantly, evolve their business to suit the needs of its diverse customer base. At the helm of this trailblazing enterprise stands Bernardo Lucas, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Mobileum who oversees the company’s marketing strategy, product marketing, lead generation, and communication and branding.

Bernardo’s career spans working at US-based Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for almost a decade. At BCG, he led technology, media, telecommunications, retail and financial services consulting projects, with a big focus on strategy assignments and large scale transformation programs. After which, he became CMO of WeDo Technologies, which was recently acquired by Mobileum in 2019. As Mobileum’s CMO, Bernardo has been focused on helping the company achieve its vision, of becoming the leading provider of actionable analytics solutions for the Telecom industry.

“Mobileum has a set of very strong technology assets and our expertise in the areas of Roaming, Risk Management and Security, is second to none. This makes me confident that we are on the right track and building a unique platform in the industry”. In 2019, the company was highlighted as a reference vendor by Gartner for their application of machine learning capabilities to risk management. Additionally, Mobileum was presented by Frost & Sullivan with the Price/Performance award for their roaming solutions and market leading signaling firewall. To top it off, they ended the year on a high note by winning the Global Telecom Summit Glotel award for the Best Network Security Solution of the Year.

Even taking this strong market leading position, Bernardo believes there is still much more to accomplish. “We kicked-off 2020 with some fresh news. Mobileum’s brand has undergone a transformation. Our new identity is important to strengthen our positioning as a provider of analytics-based solutions and to represent our mission of helping customers grow their business by providing them with unique insights and connecting them with action,” he says.

The task of improving their customers’ businesses is no easy feat, as many communication service providers (CSPs) have found it challenging to make the transition from traditional telecoms to software-based platforms. Bernardo explains that 5G’s potential for revamping the CSP infrastructure is limitless, which in turn means that it will “allow the implementation of new-tiered pricing schemes and open the door for new monetization opportunities across the board, from the traditional wireless product lines to international roaming.” He added that 5G will also provide unparalleled network connectivity, speed and capacity that can host multiple applications like smart homes, autonomous driving, smart factories and others. This is where the role of network slicing will be the most essential.

“Network slicing is a key enabler of 5G, giving network operators the ability to allocate portions of their network for specific customer uses cases. This requires ensuring the network is optimized to meet the specific SLAs needed to support each application,” he says.

When asked how Mobileum is approaching this operation, Bernardo says, “The key to fully monetize 5G networking slicing will be the deployment of flexible tools that enable service providers to monitor multiple SLAs while still offering the flexibility needed to meet changing and diverse customer demands. Mobileum is working closely with its customers to put the right strategy in place across devices, systems, networks, partners, and business models.”

Speaking about Mobileum’s unique Big Data platform, Active Intelligence, Bernardo explains that both machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques are utilized to inform and make traffic management decisions, assess risk, and protect the network. “One of the biggest advantages we bring to the table is our unique framework that links a service provider’s core network with various business applications.” In terms of applying such an intricate platform within CSPs across a socio-economically diverse region like Asia Pacific, Bernardo stresses that operators in the region will undoubtedly face many challenges when it comes to security and data protection, but that is where Mobileum steps in to ease the burden.

In this respect, Mobileum is no stranger to Asia Pacific. With a significant global footprint and new partnerships constantly being developed with key industry players in the region, the company has established itself as a force to be reckoned with; an entity that is highly committed to its customers and determined to help CSPs grow their revenues and mitigate network and business inefficiencies.

“We find that each region has their own unique challenges when it comes to optimizing roaming and identifying and mitigating fraud and security threats, so we work with operators across the globe to better understand and resolve these issues in new and innovative ways.”

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