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Telecom Review announces this year’s Excellence Awards categories. As always, the awards aim to recognize the milestones and achievements of leading ICT brands and figures. Nominations are now open for the following categories:

  • Best Digital Transformation Provider
  • Best Loyalty and Rewards Program  
  • Best Cloud Provider
  • Most Innovative Product/Service (Operator)
  • Most Innovative Product/Solution (Vendor) 
  • Most innovative SD-WAN Solutions (Vendor)
  • Most innovative SD-WAN Solutions (Operators)
  • Best Satellite Operator
  • Best Middle Eastern Wholesale Operator
  • Best African Wholesale Operator
  • Best Asian Wholesale Operator
  • Best North American Wholesale Operator
  • Best Global Operator
  • Best Middle Eastern Operator
  • Best African Operator
  • Best Industry Vendor
  • Best 5G Innovation (Vendor)
  • Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative
  • Best Infrastructure Fiber Deployment
  • Best 5G Infrastructure Deployment
  • Best Carrier Enterprise Services
  • Most Creative Enhanced Service Provider
  • Fastest Corporate Growth
  • Leader Merit Awards

    1. Industry CEO of the Year – Telecom Operator - Global
    2. CEO of the Year for Mobile Telecom Operator - North America
    3. CEO of the Year for Mobile Telecom Operator - Middle East
    4. CEO of the Year for Mobile Telecom Operator - Africa
    5. CEO of the Year for Infrastructure Initiative - Operator
    6. CEO of the Year for Wholesale & Capacity - Operator
    7. Industry Leader of the Year- Innovation Initiative (Operators or Vendors)
    8. CEO of the Year- Vendor
    9. CEO of the year- ICT Non-Profit 
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