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During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2021, Luis del Valle Alemán, chief revenue officer at Atrebo, a leading solution provider for the digital transformation of infrastructure and asset management, spoke to Telecom Review in an exclusive interview.

What are the steps that Atrebo did to continue its business despite the pandemic?

2020 was really a hard year for the overall industry. There was a direct impact as the countries where we provide services, especially in Latin America were affected. Some months, productivity was hard to achieve. I think, most of the clients took advantage of the utilization of the processes that we provide.

As soon as they could recover their operations and allow people to go back to the towers to run the operations physically, they took advantage of all the processes that they could handle on our TREE platform. Based on the feedback that we got, they started doing a more intensive use of the platform and requested us to provide a larger grade of automation.

Based on that specific request, we released a technology partner program that we called the Tower Automation Alliance. It aims to integrate new technologies like digital twin, IoT, and renewable energies for off-grid locations. We are moving forward and faster into the automation and enlarging the reach of our platform.

In your perspective, what would be the key telecom infrastructure trends for 2021 and beyond?

I think in the coming years worldwide, 5G will be exhaustively developped. This will demand more productivity, more operations, and more coordination in terms of extending the reach of the coverage of 5G, particularly in big cities, where there will be more density.

This will make the operators and the towercos continue the intensive deployment of networks and towers. I hope we can help them manage all these operations with our platform because we are covering from the planning phase down to the acquisition, installation, and integration of inventory, optimal maintenance, and access control. So, I hope we can work together with them in making the best use of their resources and be more efficient in the end.

What is Atrebo’s commitment in line with MWC 2021’s key theme “Connected Impact”?

In terms of this Mobile World Congress, what we are trying to do is extend the reach of our business into new territories like Middle East and Asia Pacific. We have started conversation with some of the main players, and we hope along 2021, we are planning to open an office in Dubai and in Singapore as well. 

This will make us closer to our clients. We're number one in Latin America, we are probably number one as well in Europe, so we hope that we can also be number one in providing and helping MNOs and tower telcos around their operations in the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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