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M1 has launched Southeast Asia’s first 5G standalone-powered solution-in-a-box suite to enhance 5G adoption and deployment in Singapore’s maritime industry. This offering is aligned with M1’s role as a tech enabler to enhance digital transformation while at the same time building scalable solutions to generate new revenue streams as Singapore becomes the first country to reach full maritime 5G SA coverage in 2025.

Leveraging 5G SA offshore coverage on Singapore’s southern coast, M1’s suite of 5GSMART solutions offers ubiquitous 5G connectivity and end-to-end services to support new use cases and applications that advance Singapore’s maritime ecosystem.

The 5GSMART suite is comprised of four categories of services: SMARTsafe to promote maritime safety using machine learning on past data to forecast and prevent accidents; SMARTsecure to enable real-time 5G-powered security surveillance at sea; SMARTasset to enhance maritime work productivity and efficiency using 5G-enabled tools; and SMARTops to ensure uptime and serviceability of critical assets using autonomous robots.

Under SMARTsafe, for instance, M1 partners with Fullerton Health to enable 5G-enabled telemedicine services for the sector. Once the telemedicine services formally launch in July, seafarers can engage in live teleconsultations with shore-based healthcare professionals and receive medicine from shore via 5G-enabled drones. Under SMARTsecure, vessels out at sea will be able to set up real-time video surveillance systems and receive seamless footage as they would on land.

“M1 continues to double down on our efforts to co-create and introduce viable 5G-enabled commercial solutions to further revolutionise Singapore’s maritime operations and make maritime 5G a reality. This launch is a testament to our promise to deliver readily available, innovative 5G solutions that can be adopted and rolled out easily by businesses to improve business efficiency,” said Manjot Singh Mann, chief executive officer, M1.

“The partnership with M1 greatly improves the usability and accessibility of Fullerton Health’s services. We want to harness the 5G network to provide virtual healthcare solutions, including telehealth and remote patient monitoring and care team collaboration, as the health and safety of port workers and sailors are critical to global trade and supply chains, and we are grateful to be able to contribute toward this. The future of healthcare digitalisation is exciting, especially with the innovations that will come from 5G mobility,” noted Ho Kuen Loon, group chief executive officer, Fullerton Health.

This solution marks a significant milestone in M1’s 5G journey, which commenced in 2019. The digital telco has since been partnering with regulatory bodies and private companies to develop 5G networks and capabilities for the maritime industry. For example, M1 has embarked on trials for remote port operations with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and PSA, as well as collaborated with AirBus on coastal 5G drones, and KeppelDigi to develop maritime 5G smart glasses.

Kiren Kumar, deputy chief executive officer, development, IMDA, commented, “At the heart of Singapore’s digital future, our infrastructure connects all of us and powers new and exciting products and services. Singapore is one of the first few countries in the world to deploy nationwide 5G standalone coverage, and we have seen significant progress in the commercialisation of 5G enterprise use cases. IMDA will continue to support our businesses to experiment, innovate and commercialise the technologies of tomorrow.”

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