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As a global leader in integrated information and communication technology (ICT) solutions, ZTE's recently released 2023 Sustainability Report showcases ZTE's unwavering commitment to a greener, more connected world.

This annual report, now in its 16th iteration, highlights ZTE's remarkable strides in digital innovation, green initiatives, social responsibility, and corporate governance. The report not only reflects ZTE's dedication to sustainable business practices but also its vision for a future where technology enhances the well-being of humanity and the health of our planet.

Pioneering Digital Transformation and Innovation

In 2023, to navigate a complex global landscape, ZTE adhered to its "Simplicity and Agility" philosophy, focusing on efficiency, growth, and sustainability. The company sees digital and intelligent transformation as a key driving force for industrial revolution and social advancement. By leveraging AI, big data, and IoT, ZTE developed innovative applications for smart cities, transportation, healthcare, education, and energy, providing intelligent, customer-friendly solutions.

ZTE prioritized closing the digital divide, building high-performance networks in over 100 countries and regions, and advancing 5G-A, all-optical networks, and green technologies. Committed to a "Human-Centric and Tech for Good" approach, ZTE aims to foster industrial revolution, social development, and global well-being through collaboration and innovation.

Executive Director and CEO of ZTE Corporation, Xu Ziyang, emphasized that ZTE will continue to explore new fields and applications, promoting an intelligent ecosystem and driving sustainability forward. ZTE has been enhancing its investments in key business areas such as chipsets, algorithms, architecture, databases, and operating systems. This resulted in over 89,500 patent applications and more than 45,000 granted patents worldwide.

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A notable achievement in 2023 was the advancement of phygital (physical and digital) innovation. ZTE successfully implemented benchmark projects across various industries, promoting high-quality development and digital transformation.

Xie Junshi, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of ZTE Corporation, emphasized ZTE's commitment to sustainability, ESG, and "Tech for Good" throughout 2023. ZTE focused on building a robust compliance system, strengthening internal controls, and fostering talent development to drive innovation and creativity. ZTE prioritized digital transformation, creating intelligent solutions across various sectors to enhance public services and environmental management.

ZTE's efforts included bridging the digital divide by investing in ICT infrastructure in developing regions, ensuring product security, promoting green operations, and collaborating with global partners for sustainable development. As the digital economy evolves, ZTE remains dedicated to driving high-quality growth and digital transformation, aiming for a prosperous and connected future.

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Green Innovations for an Eco-Friendly Ecosystem

ZTE's 2023 report highlighted substantial progress in green development, structured around four main areas: green operations, green supply chain, green digital infrastructure, and green empowerment. ZTE achieved a 9.7% year-on-year (YoY) decrease in absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across its value chain. Additionally, the physical intensity of GHG emissions during the use and maintenance phases of its telecom products saw a 14.58% reduction. Impressively, ZTE's photovoltaic power generation installed capacity grew by over 700% in 2023.

In the green supply chain area, ZTE conducted carbon reduction audits for more than 150 suppliers, achieving a 3.26% reduction in carbon emissions intensity through green logistics. Recognition for these efforts includes the "National Level Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise" title. Additionally, the ZTE Heyuan Base was named a "National Green Factory."

ZTE's green digital infrastructure initiatives include holding over 650 green patents and performing carbon footprint assessments for 101 products, encompassing all product categories. These efforts have helped global operators save more than 10 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.

Finally, in the green empowerment area, ZTE's "Digital Nebula" architecture forms the foundation of its eco-friendly precision cloud-network solution. Collaborating with over 1,000 global top industry partners across diverse sectors, the company has launched more than 100 application scenarios for 5G+ innovative green initiatives.

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Commitment to Global Connectivity

As a global entity, ZTE has been instrumental in bridging the digital divide. ZTE pledged to construct ICT infrastructure annually for Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs), and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) by 2025. Furthermore, ZTE committed to providing 50,000 hours of ICT lectures globally to support local workforce development.

ZTE's initiatives to build supplier capabilities, including the SPIRE 2.0 strategy, improve supply chain resilience and product quality. The company prioritizes employee welfare and development, providing an average of 144.7 training hours per employee in 2023. ZTE's efforts have since been recognized with LinkedIn's Global Talent Magnet Employer award.

ZTE's corporate social responsibility (CSR) extends to public welfare initiatives globally, including education, medical aid, and support for vulnerable groups. As of 2023, ZTE has registered over 10,000 employee volunteers, contributing more than 29,000 volunteer hours.

ZTE continues to uphold its commitment to strong corporate governance, maintaining ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System certification and conducting extensive business continuity planning. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact and the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative, ZTE's sustainable development achievements are widely recognized. ZTE has been included in the FTSE4Good Index Series for eight years and the Fortune China ESG Impact List for three consecutive years.

ZTE remains steadfast in its vision: To Enable Connectivity and Trust Everywhere. Through continuous digital innovation, ZTE aims to ensure that the benefits of its advancements reach all industries and sectors, driving new momentum for sustainable development globally.          

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