The digital revolution is currently shaping businesses and work in the Asia-Pacific region. This rapid transformation is reshaping industries, causing job roles to evolve, bringing forth new opportunities. To stay competitive and prepared for the future, it is crucial to develop digital skills.

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Data has played a vital role in the formation of our society, driven by the progressive growth and development of technology.  It has evolved into the lifeblood of modern devices and enterprises, driving global progress.

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As a wrap-up to the 17th edition of Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit, Telecom Review Group organized the 12th edition of its Excellence Awards ceremony to recognize exceptional global and regional companies, along with industry leaders, for their innovative initiatives and influential contributions throughout 2023.

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Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (Indosat or IOH) has transformed from a traditional telecommunications company to a technology-driven company, also known as a techco. This transition reflects Indosat’s commitment to embracing change and innovation in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. By integrating advanced technology and digital solutions into their core operations, Indosat aims to provide marvelous digital experiences and connectivity to their customers. This strategic shift has been successful, positioning Indosat as a pioneering player in the Indonesian telecommunications industry and boosting digitalization in the country.

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The global landscape of information technology is constantly evolving, and organizations in Asia are increasingly turning to cloud services in order to streamline their operations, improve their flexibility, and increase their overall efficiency. It is possible to gain tons of benefits from the implementation of cloud services, which, in turn, revolutionizes the way in which enterprises function and handle their data. It is essential for organizations to strike a balance between maximizing the benefits of cloud computing and avoiding the costs associated with it as they embark on their journey toward cloud computing.

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Asia-Pacific is driving the telecommunications industry forward by adopting Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), a transformative shift that is reshaping the sector. Telecom companies in the region are taking a proactive approach and embracing NFV technologies as part of their digital transformation. NFV enables operators to improve agility, optimize resources, and quickly deploy innovative services. As Asia-Pacific becomes a leader in digital transformation, NFV becomes a crucial component, providing a flexible and scalable infrastructure that positions the region at the forefront of global telecom innovation.

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Inspired by Africa’s ‘Tree of Life’, Bayobab (formerly MTN GlobalConnect) is committed to providing Africa with next-gen digital solutions across its vast regions. With a foundation rooted in partnerships and a vision marked by ambitious and bold initiatives, Bayobab has successfully merged its rich heritage with its forward-looking aspirations.

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Over the years, technology has evolved at a rapid scale, breaking barriers and overcoming boundaries. Through these innovations, the world has progressively become more connected and accessible. Digital transformation has acted as a catalyst for reshaping various industries, which subsequently improves consumers’ experience.

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In the rapidly changing world of technology, the Asia-Pacific region is leading the way in a groundbreaking movement towards sustainable data centers. With the ongoing growth of the digital age, there is a huge demand for storing and processing data, which has created an urgent need for environmentally-friendly solutions. This region has experienced a significant increase in eco-friendly initiatives, with both industry leaders and governments advocating for sustainability in the data center industry.

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