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At the 4G/5G International Conference 2018 in Hanoi on April 6, Huawei outlined the path to a 5G Era for Vietnam. Speaking at the conference on “Paving the Way for 5G in Vietnam”, Dr. Mohamed Madkour, Vice President of Huawei Global Wireless Network Marketing, highlighted the value that 5G will bring to Vietnam in terms of enhancing people’s lives, improving businesses and driving economic growth.

Dr. Madkour emphasized that expanding and evolving LTE networks and its derivatives, 4G/4.5G, together with exploring new segments like home broadband, enterprise and Internet of Things (IoT), are the first steps on the 5G transformative road.

Dr. Madkour underscored the importance of investing in the network and new business models today to be prepared for a 5G Era. With early 5G standards and technologies now established, we will see commercial 5G networks deployed widely across the globe by 2020, he said. 5G brings new opportunities for operators to deliver new 5G services and applications to consumers and businesses across vertical industries.

While it will take some time to develop 5G networks, operators in Vietnam can start building capabilities to support future 5G services. Operators can act now, incubating new services and building new capabilities based on 4G networks. Dr. Madkour explained that expanding and evolving LTE and its derivatives, 4G+4.5G, is paving the way to 5G. Operators can now deploy 5G commercial networks with LTE continuous evolution.

“LTE is now defined as the fundamental network for all connected businesses,” Dr. Madkour said. “It is often referred to as LTE4ALL, with the capability to enable all types of services, including voice, data, video, Fixed-Wireless Access (FWA) as well as new IoT applications. This paves the way for operators to explore new business opportunities beyond consumer mobility, for example fuelling digitization in homes and enterprises.”

To maximize customers’ network value, Huawei proposed a series of business solutions for smooth evolution to 5G. Huawei’s CloudAIR 2.0 features new technology to dynamically increase spectrum sharing and support LTE and 5G New Radio (NR) on the same spectrum, enabling operators to monetize their spectrum assets and improve network ROI.

Huawei’s site solutions such as Three-Star (PoleStar, RuralStar, TubeStar) facilitates more efficient use of sites enabling greater coverage, which is a challenge in 5G era. For antennas, Huawei proposed to modernize all sub 3GHz bands using a single antenna to free tower space for 5G Massive MIMO NR Unite.

“Huawei is committed to working together with government and telecom operators in this market to drive digital transformation and move towards a 5G future. We aim to create an open, collaborative, win-win industry ecosystem to have in-depth conversations, discuss the latest trends and share opinions together,” Dr. Madkour said.

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