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Forming partnerships is a recognized approach for enterprises to achieve business growth, increase revenue and broaden business benefits. This is because collaborations allow companies to utilize specific strengths of their partners in conjunction with their own to achieve accomplishments that are unique to the partnership. M800 Limited has a proven history of improving the revenue of their partners by providing distinctive offerings that lead to success.

Key partner for global enterprises
M800 Limited is an established CPaaS provider headquartered in Hong Kong but has extensive reach across the world and especially Asia. The company is extremely familiar with the interests of Asian enterprises through its founders and interactions with regional partners.

One of M800 core values is being part of a larger team where fellow industry players are allies and partners. Since its incorporation, M800 has been building its network with global carriers, both physically and corporately. Currently, the company is partners with over 260 telecommunication partners serving all of its solutions.

In addition, M800 has also invested in over 20 POPs (Point of Presence) around the world, deploying its CPaaS platform on a planet-scale and bringing their servers close to all end-users. The investment in servers is necessary in order for M800 to provide seamless communication and ensure a low CAPEX entry for its partners.

Beyond its partnerships to serve the capabilities of its communication solutions, M800 has engaged in multiple partnerships and worked with over 500 enterprises across various vertical industries, including those in finance, hospitality, fashion and more in order to empower their revenue streams.

M800 relationship with its partners differs depending on the kind of collaboration they have. The partners can range from being a reseller, reselling M800 products in different regions to being involved in product development.

Why partner with M800
M800 communication solutions have shown to many that they can help create new revenue streams. This, in turn, has attracted a lot of attention from both businesses that want to empower their products by utilizing them and those that want to add the solutions to their list of offerings through reselling.

For companies that wish to be a partner reseller of M800, there are two main routes: license-based or through a reseller portal.

Reselling a successful product
In the license-based model, M800 offers companies the right to resell their products as they are to their own portfolio of clients. An illustration of this is the recent partnership between M800 and Telecom Italia Sparkle, the international service arm of TIM Group, a leading global telecommunications provider based in the UK. M800 collaborated with Sparkle to launch its revolutionary live customer service support platform, liveConnect, in Europe.

In the digital age, customer service is expected to be quick, convenient and flexible. This means that a customer should be able to contact a representative no matter where he is, at any time and via any means. Sparkle was interested in liveConnect for exactly these capabilities that it is able to offer. The support platform is built with a chatbox that can be easily fitted on a website or mobile app. Once embedded, it can deliver instant messages and facilitate phone calls, both on-net and off-net worldwide. The multitude of functions offered by liveConnect has made it an attractive solution for enterprises across various industries that want to power up their customer services.

Seeing the enormous demand that it satisfies, Sparkle became a reseller of liveConnect and enriched its portfolio of ICT solutions.

Collaborator for OTT communication
Over-the-top (OTT) services have witnessed a considerable rise in demand during the last few years. With this in mind, communication has shifted to OTT apps and many companies now desire their own. M800 noticed this demand and has developed an OTT white-label communication app suite for enterprises to create their own communication app or be a new stream of revenue generation.

The readily-available, secure and customizable OTT white-label communication app allows app-to-app and app-to-phone calling, instant messaging, SMS, video call, and conferencing services.

Accompanying M800 OTT white-label communication app is an all-inclusive reseller partner program where M800 partners are given a reseller portal to aid them in selling the app suite to their corporate clients with convenience and ease. The portal allows the resellers to quickly create the OTT app for their buyers, making the go-to-market quick and fast. It also supports the resale of the product to enterprise customers with auto-provisioning, CRM, and big data analytics features, allowing both M800 partners and their clients to make smart, expert decisions.

Smart city & IoT development supporter
With over 35 years of experience developing industry-leading solutions in the telecommunication, mobile and software industry, M800 is aware of the direction the communication industry is heading, and its smart cities and IoT. The CPaaS company places a huge emphasis on forming partnership agreements with other companies who are attempting to become involved in the construction of smart cities and production of IoT.

As evidence of M800 commitment to IoT development, the company has partnered with a number of OEMs and other IoT producers to strengthen the communication capabilities of their products and help open doors for other large-scale partnerships, leading to further development in both existing and new markets.

For example, one of their partners is Cinatic Technology - an OEM that has been manufacturing smart security devices for some of the biggest multinational brands and proponent of smart cities across the globe.

Cinatic had integrated M800 communication SDK suite into their products. The solution consists of a package of SDKs that add communication layers to smart devices. In the case of Cinatic, the solution allowed their products to deliver real-time bilateral video calls, akin to a face-to-face conversation, as well as crystal clear voice call.

Looking towards the future, M800 plans on utilizing their solutions in further IoT and promoting specific areas of smart city development such as Smart Mobility. In this area, M800 solutions can be used in creating products such as fully automated self-driving cars.  

Uniting strengths for a combined product
In addition to partnerships where companies utilize M800 solutions to power up their devices, M800 is also involved in collaborations where they develop along with their partners a bundled product. This means that the companies come together to create a single product, which has the best elements and support of both parties’ solutions and resources. This allows the creation of a product that is unique to both companies.

Providing supplementary support
On top of the technological benefits, M800 provides their partners with external promotion as well. Throughout the partnership, they advertise the collaboration agreement between both parties via social media, PR, and events. Some named events where M800 has featured its partners include Mobile World Congress, GITEX, and Telecom Review Summit. In addition, M800 also participates in joint-exhibition events where they and their partners share the same booth and promote their collaboration and solutions together.

Pictures above:
Right: M800 Limited exhibited at Mobile World Congress 2018, the biggest mobile tech event of the year. During the event, they promoted the products of their partners extensively.

Left: Steven YAP, M800 Co-founder, serving as Chairman and CEO, proudly received the Most Innovative Telecom Partner of the Year Award for M800, proving the company as a high-caliber partner for enterprises.

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