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Chinese telecommunications behemoth Huawei has announced that it will partner with Singaporean mobile operator M1 on the country’s first end-to-end 5G live trials.

The primary objective of the collaboration between the two enterprises is to showcase 5G use cases including live 360-degree virtual reality content broadcasting by the end of the month.  The demo which will be performed at M1’s MiWorld Building in Jurong will use Huawei 5G equipment that will operate on the 28-GHz millimeter wave frequency band.

Potential applications for live virtual augmented and mixed reality broadcasts over 5G networks include training, education, corporate communications, marketing campaigns, public events and virtual tourism.

Huawei has highlighted that for example in future classrooms teachers could use 5G networks to stream 360-degree videos to a classroom of students for a more immersive and interactive learning experience.

In addition to this, it has been disclosed that the Singapore operator and Huawei are planning a number of key initiatives and projects over the next 18 months in an effort to validate 5G specifications as they are developed.

Huawei and M1 plan to conduct the first 3.5GHz non-standalone standards compliant field trial in Southeast Asia by the end of the year, and a 28.5GHz and 3.5GHz standalone field trial by mid-2019.

Denis Seek, M1’s chief technology officer, “This live demo is a small but significant step in our journey towards next-generation 5G mobile networks. With the advancement in 5G and media technologies, immersive communication experience will continue to be enhanced and this will definitely have a profound impact on the way we work, learn, live and play in a future smart city.”

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