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Ericsson and China Unicom have signed a MoU to collaborate on next-generation networks. The two companies say they aim to accelerate the development of next-generation network standardization and the maturity of network infrastructure, to establish cross-industry ecosystems and to foster innovation for new business, 'to help drive innovation and early application of 5G mobile network technology.'

Under the terms of the MoU, Ericsson and China Unicom will cooperate on network architecture, 5G, cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT), including:

  • Next-generation network architecture for fixed mobile convergence;
  • 5G standardization, research into key technologies and joint testing;
  • Studies of network visualization and 5G network slicing;'
  • Joint promotion of software-defined networking (SDN) projects in standardization groups and SDN solution verification;
  • Mobile cellular IoT network end-to-end solutions and services;
  • China Unicom's 'Focus Strategy', commercial network evolution solution and low-cost coverage solution deployment and practice.

Ericsson has already announced more than 20 agreements to test 5G with operators across the globe. 'Ericsson 5G radio prototypes designed for operator field trials are already achieving more than 25Gbps mobile throughput,' the company says. 'Ericsson and its customers will be key players in defining the next generation of mobile network technology all the way to commercialization.'

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