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ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today unveiled its ZXR10 9900E series next-generation data center switches at PT EXPO CHINA in Beijing.   

Featuring industry’s largest capacity, high performance and high reliability, the ZXR10 9900E family is committed to providing global customers with elastic, virtual and visualized cloud data networks with super intelligence.

Of the ZXR10 9900E family, the ZXR10 9916E, a flagship model of the product family, has a capacity of up to 512Tbps, which enables one single data center to carry 100,000 servers. Capable of uplifting the port capacity from 100G/400G to 800G smoothly, the ZXR10 9916E is bound to be the perfect option for the data center development in the next decade.

With the 640mm depth, the ZXR10 9908E is applicable to 800mm-deep cabinets. It aims to help operators complete their Central Office (CO) re-architecting with less cost. In addition, the 1U service board designed with 24 400G ports or 48 100G ports allows the ZXR10 9900E to improve port integration and slot utilization rate while occupying less space and decreasing CAPEX.

“ZTE has been  dedicated to helping operators save network construction and O&M investments, implement more efficient O&M, perform faster service provisioning and deployment, and support data center capacity expansion and migration,” said Chen Zhiwei, Vice General Manager of ZTE Bearer Network Product Line. “Based on the profound understanding of the industry and customers as well as years of R&D experience, ZTE introduces the ZXR10 9900E series core switches with the world-leading capacity to global customers, facilitating the construction of their intelligent and efficient cloud data centers." 

According to OVUM , ZTE Ethernet switches ranked No. 2 in Asia-Pacific markets in 2017. Setting multiple standards in the data center network industry, ZTE Ethernet switches have served over 320 data center users around the world.

ZTE has been committed to setting industry standards, carrying on product R&D and meeting users’ demands to address today’s data center network evolution.  ZTE aims to provide customers with elastic, virtual, intelligent and visualized data center networks so as to help them become the winners of network revolution era.

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