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ZTE, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced the completion of the multi-vendor interoperability test organized by European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC).

 ZTE’s 5G transport and controller products performed excellently in EVPN, Segment Routing, SDN and Clock Synchronization respectively. Moreover, EANTC showcased the multi-vendor interoperability test results and released a white paper at MPLS+SDN+NFV World Congress Paris 2019.  

With its 100GBE interfaces supporting G.8275, ZTE’s flagship products ZXCTN 6180H and 9000E demonstrated outstanding interoperability performance in the clock synchronization test. In the live demonstration of GPS failure switching, ZTE’s ZXCTN products transmitted signals to the tester to implement switching, meeting the G.8271 Level 6A requirements.

As for EVPN interoperability, ZTE products participated in tests of basic EVPN services, EVPN ARP proxy enhancement, EVPN sub-net routing and bridging based on VXLAN and SR.

In the Segment Routing test, ZTE implemented SR Ping/Trace interoperability, TI-LFA protection, Any-cast packet forwarding, and SR-based BGP LU ECMP (Equal-Cost Multi-Path) routing.

In addition, ZTE participated in SR PCEP path initialization and optimization test, achieving the interconnection with other mainstream SDN vendors.

“ZTE successfully completed a broad range of SDN and clock synchronization tests, showing great commitment to interoperability of its products and solutions,” said Mr. Carsten Rossenhoevel, Managing Director of EANTC. “Our showcase focused on 5G readiness of multi-vendor transport networks this year, and ZTE’s commitment to advanced test cases – specifically, but not limited to clock synchronization – is much appreciated.”

”ZTE has been taking part in EANTC tests for nearly ten years. The test results verify our strength in cutting-edge technologies.“ said Mr. Hu Longbin, VP of Bearer Network Product Line at ZTE.

In the future, ZTE will continue working with EANTC and its partners to promote the standardization and commercial deployment of new technologies, and assist operators and enterprises to build more intelligent and open networks, so as to realize the digital transformation.


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