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Chinese telecommunications behemoth ZTE Corporation has signed an agreement with Indonesia’s Smartfren for 4G network expansion and 5G network trials.

The agreement was signed by Merza Fachys, President Director of Smartfren, Gandi Sulistyanto, Chairman of Smartfren, Liang Weiqi, President Director of ZTE Indonesia, and Mei Zhonghua, Senior Vice President of ZTE at Indonesia - China Business Forum.

“The agreement this time will definitely bring the partnerships between ZTE and Smartfren to a new level,” said Mei Zhonghua, senior vice president at ZTE. “We are pleased to be chosen for the development of Indonesia's telecommunications infrastructure, so as to improve Indonesia's national broadband network quality.”

Merza Fachys said, “We are pleased to collaborate with ZTE for developing 5G technology at Smartfren. We’re preparing to conduct 5G Trial very soon in Indonesia. Collaboration with ZTE is not just for the development of 5G, ZTE is still working with Smartfren to expand 4G networks in Indonesia. Hopefully with this collaboration, we will have better quality of telecommunications services in Indonesia.

Devoted to the telecommunications industry in Indonesia for more than 20 years, ZTE has established solid partnerships with major Indonesian operators and companies, providing them with the training platforms.

ZTE is committed to providing integrated end-to-end innovations, delivering excellent products and services to the local consumers in Indonesia.



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