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The CEO and chairman of IBM Asia Pacific, Harriet Green was one of the keynote speakers who inaugurated this year’s ConnecTechAsia event. Green’s main message was how to make a difference to people’s lives with smart technologies and how IBM is contributing to that goal.

Transformation is a process based on past experiences and future aspirations enterprises have set as goals to be achieved. According to Harriet Green, in order to reinvent the future, it is crucial to learn from the past. Transformation is an ever evolving journey and this is exactly what placed Singapore on the global map.

“Singapore is the most competitive economy in the world”, she said. As to what made it rank first in terms of competitiveness, Green referred to several factors namely developed infrastructure and new skills which, to her, are one of the most important elements in a transformational journey nowadays.

The recurrent keyword in this presentation was trust. IBM APAC CEO stressed that trust is key to shaping futures and the lack of is a major obstacle for both enterprises and individuals.

Another challenge businesses are facing is skilled workforce, notably in terms of Artificial intelligence. This is why, Green explained, IBM launched P.Tech program in Singapore to train people on AI technologies, in addition to several other programs and initiatives around the Asia Pacific region.

Moreover, Green praised gender diversity and inclusion in Singapore, but believes that there’s still much more to be done.

Before concluding her a keynote, Green projected on screen a quote of IBM CEO and chairman, Ginni Rometty: “AI will change 100% of jobs, industries and professionals…However, technology companies must be good stewards of the technology and establish trust and transparency principles. Companies will be judged on whether you adhere to good or bad principles.”

Before stepping off stage, Green concluded by saying, “There should be tech for all of us and that’s what we want to achieve.”


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