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Thai telecoms juggernaut AIS has recently partnered with industry leaders across multiple sectors to launch its “Mission Green 2020” environment protection initiative by installing e-waste bins in its stores and shopping malls all over the country. According to AIS, the aim of this campaign is to educate society on the detrimental effects on the planet if e-waste disposal is done ineffectively and carelessly.

The campaign encourages people to throw their electronic waste like old AC adaptors, old mobile phones, power banks, broken devices and others into e-waste bins which are equipped with IoT technology to collect and get rid of e-waste.

The CEO of AIS, Somchai Lertsuitwong explained that the initiative is seeking to reduce carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to one million units and eradicate at least 100,000 pieces of e-waste by 2020.

“AIS is heading towards its 30th year of operation and we take pride in being part of Thailand’s history. In the last three decades, especially in the continuous growth of the telecom industry contributing to a better quality of life among Thais nationwide,” Somchai said.

He further added that “being No. 1 in the telecom industry is due to our dedication to the pursuit of creating innovative products and services for the benefit of society and the country.”

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