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PCCW Global, the international operating division of HKT, Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications service provider, and NAVER Business Platform (NBP), the leading IT Infrastructure and cloud services provider in South Korea providing a broad spectrum of IT services and public cloud services via the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, announced a bilateral interconnect collaboration to provide South Korean and multi-national enterprises direct, on-demand connections to the NAVER Business Platform with PCCW Global’s Console Connect Software-Defined Interconnection) platform.

Console Connect can provide NBP customers with fast, low-latency and secure direct connectivity delivered over PCCW Global’s MPLS network. NBP is South Korea’s leading IT and cloud service provider with global data centers and cloud services in six countries around the world spanning Asia, Europe and the Americas. NBP is the cloud and IT infrastructure subsidiary of NAVER Corporation (market capitalization of US$16.2B). NAVER Corporation is a global ICT that runs South Korea's largest web search engine and manages global mobile services such as LINE Messenger.

Through collaboration and interconnection with Console Connect, NBP customers are now able to provision fast, private, low latency connections on-demand to access their business-critical applications, and can connect their global customer networks in seconds. The simple-to-use automation software eliminates the complexity of network configuration and delivers enhanced performance, visibility, monitoring, and security.

Console Connect delivers an easy and affordable way to connect to cloud-based applications, partners, IT infrastructure and the world’s major cloud hosting services. The platform spans over 37 countries and interconnects over 120 data centers, leveraging the worldwide PCCW Global MPLS network, which is physically separate to the public Internet and features an uncontended, highly resilient and redundant core network with multiple low-latency paths between countries. To support the growing trend for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments, customers are also able to use the platform and PCCW Global’s network to implement on-demand connectivity between global data centers and all other major cloud on-ramp partners, including AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud.

Mr. Michael Glynn, PCCW Global’s Vice President of Digital Automated Innovation, said, “NAVER Business Platform has an extensive portfolio of cloud services and a growing international business. We are very excited to work together to jointly deliver a superior cloud networking experience on our global SDI platform. Once established on our ecosystem it will expand NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM not only locally in our multi-presence data centers in Seoul but to over 37 countries on our platform. We are running one of the largest on-demand, self-provisioning software-defined interconnection platforms in the world and have over 22TB of fiber capacity globally which is a key benefit to any NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM customer that is looking for low latency, resilient, secure, instant connections back into the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

Mr. Kwang Pyo Hong, Head of Global Business, NAVER Business Platform, said, "Console Connect by PCCW Global enables NAVER Business Platform to further upgrade the global business of NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM. As multi-cloud has been gaining great momentum, reliable and convenient network connectivity with global data centers is becoming an essential element of cloud services. NAVER Business Platform will continue to expand its service to meet diverse needs of customers from all over the world."

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