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ZTE Corporation has launched the AIVO(AI Insight Value Operation) digital operation solution, which helps operators build the next-generation intelligent O&M operation platform oriented to 5G evolution, and provides an integrated support of network planning and construction, O&M optimization and service development.

The ZTE AIVO solution, aiming at solving the pain point of the operators, integrates big data and AI technology, and adopts a hierarchical AI engine to build an intelligent and open platform for value operation. It makes a breakthrough in connecting network operation center(NOC) and service operation center(SOC) to achieve the system interconnection and the automatic closed loop service flow.

The solution is based on intelligent insight into network perception, service perception and user experience perception to support end-to-end network guarantee, service guarantee and user care, and provide operators with full-process support and scenario-based applications.

The ZTE AIVO solution covers the three dimensions: precise planning and deployment, smart O&M and optimization, and value oriented operation. The solution can provide precise planning and deployment oriented to 4/5G service experience, using AI algorithm to accurately predict grid-level coverage, to improve efficiency by 70% compared to conventional network planning.

In term of smart O&M and optimization, the solution can support AI based fault prediction and root cause analysis to improve efficiency by 30%, and support AI-based power saving

By means of AI self-learning and accurate traffic prediction and matching, it can improve power saving by 10% without service quality impact.

In addition, the AIVO solution works well in the application of value operation. Based on the user profile technology, the solution can provide precise marketing to promote the marketing subscription conversion rate by 30%. It can also help operators identify more than 90% of user perception problems in advance, thereby effectively reducing the users’ complaint.

The ZTE AIVO digital operation solution has been widely applied in over 30 networks around the world, and ZTE has carried out value operation exploration with more than 80 partners. This solution will continuously focus on user experience and service requirements to help operators enhance user loyalty, improve operational capabilities, and maintain market leadership.

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