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PCCW Global, the international operating division of HKT, Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications service provider, and TNS Plus, a major operator in Kazakhstan, today announced a strategic collaboration focused on delivering flexible, simple and robust multi-cloud connectivity to both local and multinational enterprises.  

As part of the Veon Group, TNS Plus operates as the only international transit provider for the group in Kazakhstan. It provides a range of enterprise connectivity solutions, including lease of international / intercity channels and data transmission, as well as voice traffic termination and enterprise-grade Internet solutions. 

The collaboration will allow TNS Plus to leverage the power of PCCW Global’s Console Connect Software Defined Interconnect® platform to offer its enterprise and Tier 2 carrier clients flexible resilient connectivity to the rest of world and access to the global cloud ecosystem. 

Console Connect allows TNS Plus to dynamically dial up and down the bandwidth of connections in almost real-time, ensuring its customers only pay for the bandwidth they need, when they need it. In this way, Console Connect has proved itself ideal for TNS Plus, enabling the service provider to construct, develop and tailor its own unique range of innovative cloud access solutions for its local market. 

The underlying PCCW Global transmission and IP networks enable Console Connect to deliver significant economies of scale, high speed performance and assured quality of service, to connect to their critical cloud workloads. Local enterprises no longer have to rely on the public Internet which can be unreliable, insecure and susceptible to prolonged and unexpected outages.

Mr. Neil Templeton, Vice President of Marketing, PCCW Global, said, “The growing demand for cloud services in Kazakhstan coupled with our Console Connect-based connectivity services will allow TNS Plus to pioneer innovative and unique solutions for its home market. Console Connect delivers a simple-to-deploy, flexible and affordable way to connect to cloud-based applications, partners, IT infrastructure and the world’s major cloud hosting services.

He added, “The global reach of the platform spans over 40 countries and interconnects over 120 data centers, leveraging the worldwide PCCW Global MPLS network, which is physically separate to the public Internet and features an uncontended, highly resilient and redundant core network with multiple low-latency paths between countries.” 

 Mr. Dauren Bukeyev, Director of Carrier Relations for TNS Plus, said, “The flexible and secure connectivity offered by Console Connect was as a key benefit, as were the global reach and unmatched capabilities of PCCW Global. This collaboration allows us to benefit from being able to simply and quickly connect our customers to the cloud or clouds that they choose – AWS, Azure, IBM, Alibaba, or any other. Adding in the benefits of elastic interconnectivity, security and reliability that Console Connects delivers, the decision to collaborate with PCCW Global has been an easy one.”

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