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ZTE Corporation in partnership with the Guangdong Branch of China Mobile, has completed the large-scale deployment of ZTE’s intelligent cloud-based 5G transport management and control system ZENIC ONE (UME) in Guangdong province of China, so as to achieve the unified management of 150,000 PTN network elements.

Based on the cloud-native microservice technology, ZTE’s ZENIC ONE (UME) system adopts a new-generation B/S management and control system with the capability to manage up to 300,000+ network elements.

Moreover, the ZENIC ONE (UME) system supports the unified management of various types of transport networks, such as PTN/SPN, IPRAN, and OTN, providing high availability and elastic system scalability.

In addition, the ZENIC ONE (UME) system integrates AI and Big Data for the first time to combine management & control with tools and applications. Therefore, the system can collect the operation information reported by the device in real time, and combine AI intelligent big data analysis to monitor the network operation status, so as to promptly pinpoint problems and recover services, thus greatly improving the O&M efficiency.

In order to improve the intelligent O&M efficiency and address the challenges of the SPN network management, the Guangdong Branch of China Mobile has gradually deployed ZTE’s ZENIC ONE (UME) in its existing networks since July 2019. To date, the ZENIC ONE system has been deployed in the cloud resource pool of the Guangdong Branch of China Mobile, realizing centralized management, control and analysis of the network.

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