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According to Datacentrepricing, a data centre research specialist, over 1.5 million square meters of space is under development for data centres in the Asia Pacific region. In the survey carried out on 11 countries in the region, five countries namely Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, and Indonesia account for 1 million square meters of data center development.

The survey revealed that the four fastest-growing data center markets in the Asia Pacific are forecast to grow by an average of 90% over the next 3 years, with Australia taking the lead as 417,000 square meters of space is under development. This growth is poised to surpass, and even doubling the extent of data center developments in Europe.

The second largest data center market in the world after the US, China is estimated to expand its data center market by 239,000 square meters to represent a 14% growth. Data center developments will take place predominantly in the Greater Beijing and Yangtze River regions.

Boasting the largest data center market in Southeast Asia, Singapore is estimated to grow its data centers from the existing 417,000 square meters, to encompass 92,000 square meters of development space in the next 3 years.

Datacenterpricing notes that the region will witness increased data center activities, triggered by the emergence of large campus hyperscale data center facilities, new sources of funding from private equity funds to capitalize on growing data center demands, as well as increased investments in new or under-utilized data center markets such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

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