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ZTE together with China Mobile Research Institute, the Guangdong branch of China Mobile, and MediaTek, has completed all the test items of URLLC key technologies in Guangzhou, China. This is the first URLLC (ultra-reliable low-latency communication) verification on the live network in the industry. 

The verification, by virtue of ZTE's end-to-end network equipment and MediaTek's M80 chip platform, was conducted on the commercial 2.6GHz 5G network, including all items like low bit rate MCS/CQI form, R15 mini-slot, slot repetition and PDCP (packet data convergence protocol) duplication. The test results show that the air interface delay is reduced by about 20%, and the reliability of the locations with medium and good signal strength is up to 99.999%.

URLLC is one of the three basic applications of 5G. As a key factor for entering the industry verticals, URLLC accelerates the development of 5G network. In the future, with wide 5G industrial applications, URLLC can be applied in various scenarios such as AR/VR, smart grid, remote driving and industrial control, which have special requirements for low-latency and high-reliability connections. The verification has passed laboratory IODT (interoperability development testing),  Beijing Information Port laboratory acceptance, and Guangzhou commercial outfield testing and acceptance, proving that ZTE's base station equipment and technical solutions can meet URLLC requirements for low latency and high reliability in terms of both functionality and performance. In addition, through the flexible combination of standard technologies and implementation solutions, the 5G wireless network capability system for URLLC scenarios is formed to meet the differentiated requirements of industries, laying a solid foundation for the applications of URLLC in industry verticals and boosting the rapid development of digital economy.

Moving forward, ZTE and China Mobile, together with other industry partners, will strengthen cooperation to explore diversified application scenarios to enhance the ultimate low-latency and high-reliability capability of 5G network. All of them will actively promote the application of URLLC in industries, and facilitate the digital transformation of industry verticals and the development of innovative services in China.

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