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Huawei has officially unveiled OpenLab 3.0, its latest regional center of joint solution innovation, solution R&D, partner enablement & development and industry experience to serve as a base for ecosystem cooperation and digital transformation in the Asia Pacific region.

A fusion of converging technology, talents and partners, the US$20 million facility is an upgrade of Huawei’s R&D efforts in the Asia Pacific, aimed to accelerate technological progression and innovation excellence and create customer-centric and innovative scenario-based solutions that address the region’s needs.

OpenLab 3.0 will become the go-to platform to seek incubation, adaptation and verification, and finally go-to-market solutions and strategies. Based on customers’ business scenarios, OpenLab 3.0 will collaborate with top-tier ISVs to match customers’ requirements. It will develop best practices to achieve optimal user customer experience and enrich the local ecosystem by developing industry assets and training local talents. Key values for ecosystem partners include strong R&D resources, increased market exposure, a sales pipeline and growth.

In his opening address, Nicholas Ma, president of Huawei APAC Enterprise Business Group, said, “OpenLab 3.0 is a global technology platform for partners and institutions of higher learning in the Asia-Pacific region. It provides innovative industry solutions based on the demands of various industries and continuously contributes to building a digital Asia-Pacific region.

“Jointly developed solutions are catered for multiple industries, including finance, transportation, energy and also education, by integrating technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence,” he added.

At the ceremony, Jun Zhang, president of Huawei APAC Public Affairs and Communications, shared Huawei's talent development model, PIPES, which stands for “Platforms, Innovation, Professionalism, Experience, and Skills,” to deliver targeted talent programs for individuals and create an inclusive talent ecosystem in the Asia Pacific region.

“OpenLab 1.0 to 2.0 is looking at tomorrow from today’s perspective. OpenLab 3.0 is cooperating with our partners to look at tomorrow from the day after tomorrow’s perspective and explore more possibilities in the future through our comprehensive innovative R&D capabilities and investment, incubating and enabling more future-oriented local applications and innovative solutions, while promoting them to the entire Asia-Pacific region to support the digital transformation of various industries,” shared Foo Fang Yong, CEO of Huawei International. “By providing innovative solutions, comprehensive support and a global level of expertise, Huawei is positioned as a trusted partner for businesses going on to embrace digital transformation and stay ahead of the competition. We have assembled a team of experts in various fields to help our partners and customers to achieve their digital-first objectives. Our facility is designed to bring together diverse perspectives and skillsets to solve complex problems and develop innovative solutions together.”

OpenLab was first launched in Singapore in 2016 to work with industry partners to co-create business success. In Southeast Asia, OpenLab has already successfully tested and implemented practical and innovative solutions in the region, in countries including the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. More than 100 partnerships have been forged in the Asia Pacific to create customer-centric, innovative industry solutions.

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