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Indosat, also known as Ooredoo Hutchison, recently organized the Empowering Indonesia Forum. This event brought together influential leaders from top companies, business executives and policymakers in Indonesia to discuss important industry ideas. The forum aimed to share knowledge on how to make the most of the latest technologies, create sustainable solutions and provide endless opportunities for Indonesia's social and economic growth.

The President Director and CEO of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison, Vikram Sinha, stated, “At Indosat, we believe that Gotong Royong is key to achieve our goal: to connect and empower the people of Indonesia by accelerating the nation's digital transformation.

“Coming from that spirit, the Empowering Indonesia Forum has become a strong opportunity to connect and collect new growth enablers with our strategic partners to overcome all challenges and contribute to Indonesia's economic growth in the near future,” he added.

During the Empowering Indonesia Forum, experts discussed the future of Indonesia in 2025, the potential of the market in Southeast Asia, and how Indosat and its partners can work together to maximize these opportunities.

The forum included Google Cloud, Tech Mahindra, and Bank Jago, and they made three commitments to empower Indonesia. These commitments include creating advanced ICT and payment infrastructure using AI, IoT, and 5G to strengthen key industries, using cloud solutions to revolutionize MSMEs, and promoting digital literacy.

In recent years, Indonesia and Southeast Asia have demonstrated remarkable resilience by adopting digital capabilities to accomplish tasks that previously required in-person interactions.

According to Vice President of Google Cloud Asia Pacific, Karan Bajwa, Google Cloud aims to support sustainable growth in this region by collaborating with like-minded partners to implement new initiatives at scale.

“As Google Cloud looks to enable sustainable growth across this region, today's Forum has served as a platform for discussing new initiatives that can be implemented at scale with a group of like-minded partners. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with organizations like Indosat, Bank Jago and Tech Mahindra to deliver scalable and energy-efficient digital infrastructure, enterprise-grade cloud AI solutions and refreshed skilling programs to nurture a future-ready workforce. These are critical components for advancing digital inclusion and empowering businesses to maintain their path to profitability amidst current macroeconomic conditions,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Tech Mahindra is fully committed to empowering Indonesia and accelerating its digital transformation through Gotong Royong.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Tech Mahindra, CP Gurnani, said, “With our expertise in next-gen innovative technologies such as AI, IoT, cloud computing, etc., we are poised to contribute to this ambitious goal.

“Together, we will build next-generation ICT infrastructure and payment systems, revolutionize MSMEs with cutting-edge cloud solutions and foster digital literacy. Through this collaborative effort, we will not only strengthen the Indonesian digital economy but also create a ripple effect of positive economic growth, job creation, and increased prosperity,” he further explained.

Furthermore, Jerry Ng, the President Commissioner of Bank Jago, expressed that the Forum is happening at the right time. He believes that Indonesia's potential as one of the largest economies in the world can only be achieved through collaboration and trust among different sectors. He remarked, “Bank Jago is truly honored to be a part of this vital mission.”

Vikram further elaborated that the Empowering Indonesia Forum is working towards Indonesia's goal of having a digital economy worth IDR 3,216 trillion, which is 14% of the GDP, by 2027. He mentioned that this forum is made up of strategic partners who are combining their expertise to create new digital advancements and strengthen existing initiatives.

“Together, we are committed to forming a self-reinforcing partner ecosystem to build world-class products, services and customer experiences to strengthen the Indonesian digital economy and society," he concluded.

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