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BetterPlace, Asia's premier frontline workforce management SaaS firm, has partnered with Microsoft to redefine the employee experience for frontline workers across the Asia-Pacific region. The cooperation intends to build revolutionary solutions that target the needs of Asia Pacific's projected 340 million frontline workers by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

BetterPlace provides a comprehensive Human Capital SaaS platform within the frontline worker ecosystem, allowing businesses to streamline their hiring and onboarding processes, improve attendance management through facial recognition, ensure payroll and vendor management compliance and promote social impact by increasing workers' earnings through workforce fulfillment services, digital upskilling and access to benefits such as credit.

The collaboration will integrate BetterPlace's advanced human capital management capabilities with Microsoft's enterprise Cloud and AI platform, empowering organizations to effectively acquire, employ and upskill their frontline workforce. Enterprises around the world will gain better insights into employee data by combining BetterPlace's analytics platform with Microsoft 365 and the Power BI platform, leading to improved lifecycle management.

Sandeep Uberoi, group president of BetterPlace, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration:      "Combining Microsoft's technology expertise with BetterPlace's deep understanding of the segment, we're set to reshape the frontline workforce sector, providing innovative solutions that elevate productivity and enrich employee experiences. Our collaboration will immediately impact over 30 million frontline workers across APAC, India and the GCC, ultimately reducing attrition, increasing compliance and pioneering groundbreaking solutions for frontline worker productivity."

Sangeeta Bavi, executive director, Digital Natives, Microsoft India, meanwhile, said, “In the new world of work, connected and energized employees are a competitive advantage for every organization. We’re pleased to collaborate with BetterPlace to reimagine employee experience and empower a very critical segment of the workforce — frontline workers — with the power of AI. Co-innovating with our customers is key to how Microsoft is empowering organizations across Asia Pacific to do more with less.”

As part of the collaboration, BetterPlace and Microsoft also plan to create a mobile-first upskilling program for frontline workers. Recognizing the segment's specific issues, the organizations will offer mobile-optimized upskilling content that is both accessible and interesting. These career development programs will provide frontline workers with the skills and knowledge they need to flourish in their professions while also providing flexibility and convenience to fit their work situations. BetterPlace and Microsoft hope to contribute to a more inclusive and vibrant workforce in the Asia-Pacific region by investing in the professional development of frontline workers.

BetterPlace's strategic partnership with Microsoft reinforces the company's commitment to empowering frontline workers in Asia Pacific and marks another milestone for the organization.

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