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India's Minister of Communications, Electronics and Information Technology, Ashwini Vaishnaw, recently announced the establishment of the Bharat 6G Alliance. This alliance aims to unite important players from both the public and private sectors in order to promote the advancement of 6G technology in India.

During the launch of this initiative, the Minister highlighted that India has already obtained more than 200 patents related to 6G. He also emphasized the potential benefits of 6G, such as enhanced reliability, extremely low latency and cost-effective solutions.

The Bharat 6G Alliance is a platform that aims to discuss and explore different aspects of upcoming telecom technologies and platforms that will have a significant impact in the next decade. The main goal of this initiative is to promote collaboration, knowledge sharing and strategic planning to ensure that India stays ahead in its technological advancements.

In March, a vision document was released outlining India's plans to develop and launch 6G telecom services in the coming years.

The Minister expressed optimism about India's involvement in 6G technology, stating that India aims to contribute at least 10% of the 6G Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) by 2029 or 2030. He also mentioned that the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has acknowledged India's 6G vision, meaning that India's inputs regarding standards, technology and patents will be considered.

India has been making significant progress in the implementation of 5G networks, reportedly having 270,000 5G sites already established. Furthermore, telecoms reforms are being implemented or planned, which could further support the development of 6G in the country.

Although the details are not specified, the government appears confident about India's potential as a pioneer in 6G technology. The coming years will determine the validity of this optimistic outlook.

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