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Globe has become the first GSMA member in the Philippines to pilot-test the groundbreaking GSMA ESG Metrics for Mobile.

This pioneering Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting framework provides a mobile-specific lens that simplifies disclosures while complementing the universal reporting standards.

The framework was developed by GSMA in collaboration with its partners as well as a working group of 20 mobile operators representing 45% of the world's mobile connections.

Globe Group Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer, Yoly Crisanto, said that the company’s support for GSMA in its call for the adoption of the framework will "facilitate the monitoring and comparability of ESG performance across the industry."

"We are proud to be among the first members of GSMA who have pilot-tested the new ESG Metrics for Mobile in our 2022 Globe Integrated Report. This reporting framework, the first of its kind in the mobile sector, demonstrates our commitment to fostering sustainability and responsible business practices,” Crisanto said.

“By utilizing common industry Key Performance Indicators that address critical aspects of our operations, we aim to increase consistency and transparency while contributing to the overall betterment of the mobile industry,” she added.

The GSMA ESG Metrics for Mobile Framework encompasses 10 industry key performance indicators (KPIs), which enable operators to measure and enhance their ESG performance across areas such as environment, digital inclusion, digital integrity, and supply chain.

Chief Regulatory Officer at the GSMA, John Giusti, shared, “ESG performance is increasingly a key consideration for investors, customers and employees. With the GSMA ESG Metrics for Mobile Framework, the mobile sector is striving to be at the forefront of meaningful ESG reporting. We’re therefore delighted with Globe’s leadership in joining other leading operators in this field, driving positive change by embedding these new metrics at the heart of their ESG strategy.”

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