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Globe unveiled its 5G-connected robots at the recent INNOVANIA: Technology and Innovations Day held at the Globe Tower in BGC.

The event served as a platform for Globe teams and vendor partners to present their latest technological advancements and innovations, exhibiting immense value for both the company and its customers.

In collaboration with MySolutions, the authorized distributor of Pudu Robotics in the Philippines, Globe presented a series of robots that were all successfully connected to the 5G network. These robots efficiently perform their designated tasks with precision.

"Globe has always been a purveyor of innovations and new technology solutions, consistently emerging as a key enabler of diverse 5G use cases. These advanced robots are capable of executing various use cases spanning across industries, including hospitality and logistics. They represent a significant leap forward in leveraging 5G technology to drive efficiency and effectiveness in diverse operational scenarios,” according to the Director and Head of Technology Strategy and Innovation at Globe, Gerhard Tan.

"With our extensive network infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies, we empower individuals, businesses and industries to unlock the transformative potential of 5G,” he added.

Among the robots introduced was the concierge robot, which effortlessly guided attendees to different booths and meeting rooms. The delivery robot flawlessly transported materials throughout the event, while the cleaning robot maintained a pristine environment within the venue.

These demonstrations emphasized the power of 5G-connected robots to boost productivity in many industries. This innovative solution encourages businesses to utilize automation, which has proven to improve operations and increase customer satisfaction.

The developments also underscore Globe's strategic positioning in leveraging its technological capability to enable and deploy 5G-connected robots across diverse sectors.

Tan further shared that through seamless connectivity, Globe facilitates groundbreaking applications in domains such as autonomous vehicles, smart cities, immersive virtual reality experiences and revolutionary Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. The recent demonstration and accomplishment of the 5G-connected robots serve as another testament to the company’s strong commitment to propelling society into a future with limitless possibilities.

As artificial intelligence (AI) advances, robots are increasingly being deployed across industries to automate processes. As Globe continues to improve its capabilities, it remains at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 revolution, consistently championing technological advancements that contribute to business and societal growth.

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