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NEC Corporation India, a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, has launched the latest smart city project in Tirupati, India, for Tirupati Smart City Corporation Limited.

Under this project, NEC India is implementing information communication technology (ICT) solutions and establishing a city operations center (COC) in Tirupati.

The ICT solutions, which include integrated services and a unified command and control center, will facilitate real-time data collection and analysis and two-way communications. These features aim to provide more efficient responses to issues related to safety, security, healthcare, the environment and more.

Furthermore, a city network infrastructure and on-premises data center will help provide the needed foundation for more data-backed decision-making mechanisms in urban governance.

NEC India will also be deploying its Intelligent Traffic Management System, which will be an important element in streamlining traffic, managing congestion during peak hours and minimizing road accidents.

Aside from that, NEC India will support the authorities in Tirupati to deliver municipal services through systems across key areas. These include facial recognition systems, intelligent video management systems and the integration of feeds from existing and proposed CCTV cameras across the city. NEC India will also carry out smart water solutions, environmental sensors and public address systems to assist in the smooth governance of the city.

The project also encompasses aesthetic improvements to the cityscape; digital billboards and variable message sign boards will be put in designated areas. A city collaboration platform will be developed to provide visitors and residents with important local information through a web portal and mobile phones.

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