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Indonesian telecommunications company, Telkom Indonesia, and South Korean telecommunications company, KT Corp, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to work together on a smart city project in Indonesia's new capital, Nusantara.

Under the agreement, KT Corp will share its ICT technologies, such as quantum cryptography, cybersecurity, and smart city solutions, with Telkom Indonesia. The two companies will form a joint task force team to discuss an advantageous business model for the new capital's data centers, as well as ideas for a comprehensive traffic system, sustainable energy usage, and the implementation of artificial intelligence.

The Smart City Catalyst

The decision to build a new capital city stems from the ongoing issues faced by the current heavily populated capital, which suffers from congestion and pollution. Indonesia has therefore chosen to relocate its capital to Nusantara on the island of Borneo, with the goal of creating a sustainable city.

Nusantara is set to be inaugurated on August 17, 2024, which coincides with Indonesian Independence Day. The city will cover an area of 2,560 square kilometers and will be surrounded by hilly landscapes, forests, and a natural bay. Construction on Nusantara began in July 2022.

The Indonesian government has called for active investments in the new city and has invited Korean companies with advanced technology and experience to participate in the capital relocation project. They have suggested that companies join the Korean government-led consortium, One Team Korea.

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