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On December 4th, Chunghwa Telecom reached a significant milestone by signing a contract with Singtel for their innovative 5G network slicing services. The collaboration aims to utilize Singtel's Paragon platform to create an integrated service platform for 5G network slicing and cloud applications. This platform will allow customers to quickly deploy their 5G slicing applications and access the necessary cloud resources.

5G Standalone (SA) Architecture Investment

Moving forward, Chunghwa Telecom plans to align with the international market and work with Singtel and its global alliance partners to drive innovation in 5G applications and services, solidifying their position as a leader in Taiwan's 5G industry. Chunghwa Telecom is actively investing in the construction of 5G standalone (SA) architecture; with 5G network slicing being one of the most advanced technologies in this architecture. It allows for the creation of dedicated channels within the 5G network, providing stable mobile communication transmission during peak hours.

This technology is particularly suitable for large-scale 5G applications that require guaranteed bandwidth. Compared to traditional 5G private network construction, 5G network slicing has a shorter preparation time, making it ideal for temporary or short-term needs. Chunghwa Telecom has recently utilized this technology to create a 5G Emergency Rescue Green Corridor, improving the efficiency of emergency treatment.

Singtel, Singapore's largest mobile network operator, has invested in multiple countries and regions worldwide and serves over 770 million mobile customers. The cross-border alliance between Chunghwa Telecom and Singtel aims to promote the rapid adoption of innovative 5G SA application services. Chunghwa Telecom is honored to form this alliance with Singtel to build the Paragon platform; integrating 5G and cloud technologies to meet customer needs and promote 5G network slicing services.

Through this partnership, Chunghwa Telecom will provide high-quality, advanced, and convenient services to its customers. Chunghwa Telecom will also participate in Singtel's 5G SA alliance ecosystem; exchanging experiences in 5G innovative applications and services with telecom partners worldwide and working together to strengthen the 5G market and lead the way into the new 5G era.

Singtel recognizes the importance of 5G use cases in driving industry transformation globally and has established strategic partnerships in various countries. Singtel is pleased to partner with Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan's leading telecommunications company, to expand the service opportunities for 5G monetization regionally. Overall, the partnership enhances efficiency, accelerates application deployment, and facilitates seamless access to cloud services within the 5G network infrastructure.

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