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ZTE Corporation, a leading global provider of ICT solutions, has partnered with True Corporation to transform Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket's digital experience by developing an industry-leading all-optical Wi-Fi solution for high-end serviced apartment-style communities.

Overview of Thailand’s Broadband Market

Thailand, a tropical Southeast Asian country, boasts 14.27 million fixed broadband (FBB) customers with 58.96% household penetration. Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) technology is used by 95% of FBB users. True Corporation, which uses cutting-edge technologies, is working with ZTE to boost market competitiveness and user satisfaction.

Challenges with Network Connection

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts’ Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket has encountered challenges with its VDSL 100 Mbps broadband access solution. Weak Wi-Fi coverage and limited bandwidth for guests became apparent when smart home gadgets and HD services grew popular. Because of this, True Corporation and ZTE Corporation intervened during the renovation to upgrade network infrastructures.

True Corporation and ZTE identified Wi-Fi as a pain point and proposed the Fiber-to-the-room (FTTR) all-optical networking solution. The FTTR solution, which includes dual-band Wi-Fi 6 Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) and mesh Access Points (APs), offers gigabit-plus bandwidth and addresses the challenges faced by Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket.

Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket achieved its goal of offering high bandwidth and quality Wi-Fi with four notable features using the ZTE FTTR technology. Firstly, it uses optical fiber and Wi-Fi 6 technology to provide gigabit-plus bandwidth and superfast services, eliminating Ethernet cable performance limits and ensuring smooth gaming, video streaming, and conferencing. Additionally, extending fiber connectivity from the information box to every room ensures comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire home. This setup delivers high-speed data rates and robust anti-interference capabilities, effectively eliminating any dead zones within the premises. Thirdly, an in-house smart roaming algorithm allows guests to move around freely within the hotel with millisecond-level imperceptible roaming handovers. Finally, each floor level has a full-coverage network with 26 Wi-Fi hotspots which can connect 256 smart devices, offering ample space and various connections.

True Corporation's 2 Gbps bandwidth packages and ZTE's FTTR solution have improved Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket guests' internet experience. True Corporation is committed to continuously working with ZTE Corporation to develop innovative technologies. The successful implementation at Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket establishes True Corporation's FTTR service as a new growth area, attracting industry attention for its versatility.

The successful deployment of True Corporation's FTTR service at Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket not only meets the needs of modern travelers with high-speed internet but also positions the service as a new growth area. The adaptability and versatility of True Corporation's FTTR service have garnered industry attention, setting a benchmark for innovative technologies in the hospitality sector.

In conclusion, the partnership between True Corporation and ZTE Corporation, exemplified by the implementation at Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket, marks a significant stride in delivering superior connectivity solutions. As True Corporation's FTTR service gains recognition for its performance and adaptability, the collaboration signifies a commitment to pushing technological boundaries and shaping the future of internet services in the hospitality industry.

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