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Grameenphone, in partnership with Ericsson, is focused on customer-centricity and innovation. They have implemented new technology to enhance the customer experience, including the world's largest pool of charging access control points and voice Charging Control Nodes (CCN).

Technology Capabilities

These technologies manage billing and ensure network traffic is distributed evenly, providing seamless access and connectivity even during peak times. Grameenphone's network is resilient, allowing customers to stay connected during emergencies.

Niranjan Srinivasan, Chief Information Officer at Grameenphone, emphasized the customer-centric approach, stating that customer dedication goes beyond technological advancements. The company continuously strives to meet evolving customer needs, delivering unmatched connectivity and a seamless experience.

Pursuing New Industry Standards

Through innovative solutions, they aim to empower customers to prioritize what matters most to them. The partnership with Ericsson is expected to provide customers with a world-class user experience from a technology leader.

Meanwhile, Yasir Azman, CEO of Grameenphone, highlighted the company's focus on customer-centricity, and pursuing a new industry standard. Grameenphone has transformed connectivity through cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships, ensuring a superior customer experience.

The company is laying the groundwork for a stronger, more resilient, and future-ready network, enabling customers to stay connected at all times.

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