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Prominent figures in the industry have formally inaugurated the Asia-Pacific Data Centre Association (APDCA), uniting crucial stakeholders. The primary objective is to foster collaboration and advocate for legislation that champions the economic advantages, sustainability, and security of data centers within the region. This concerted effort aims to establish a unified front in addressing key issues and promoting the growth and resilience of the data center sector in the Asia-Pacific region.

APDCA Founding Members

The founding members of APDCA, representing 40% of the Asia-Pacific market (excluding Mainland China), include:

  • AirTrunk
  • Digital Realty
  • Equinix
  • Global Switch
  • NTT Global Data Centers
  • Princeton Digital Group
  • ST Telemedia Global Data Centers
  • Vantage Data Centers

These companies will collaborate to advance the interests of the data center sector and will interact with governments to co-develop policies that support sustainable growth.

Developing a Future-Proofed Data Center Infrastructure

APDCA’s main objective is to develop future-proofed data center infrastructure and services to facilitate the development of economies in the Asia-Pacific region to become modern, diversified, and resilient. The association intends to contribute to the formulation of policies that address issues of safety, environmental effects, and the realization of favorable economic outcomes for the areas in which it operates.

Jeremy Deutsch, interim Chairperson of the APDCA, highlighted that the vital function of digital infrastructure and data centers is becoming increasingly important as economies in the region embrace digital services through technologies such as 5G, generative AI, IoT, and cloud computing.

“APDCA will represent this essential industry in the region, with a commitment to support the interests of our members, our industry and the people, businesses, and communities we serve,” said Deutsch.

Sustainable Data Center Development

As a partner of the European Data Centre Association (EUDCA), APDCA supports global sustainability efforts and will work hand-in-hand with the EUDCA to address global concerns like sustainability and data center development.

APDCA will be led by a board composed of representatives from founding members, who will soon appoint a chairperson and set the organization's agenda. This marks the commencement of a collaborative effort aimed at steering the direction and priorities of APDCA, ensuring it aligns with the collective vision and goals of the founding members in advocating for the interests of data centers in the Asia-Pacific region. The introduction of APDCA establishes a critical juncture in the development of the data center sector in the region, paving the way for sustainable and cooperative expansion.

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