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Huawei announced that it has become an executive corporate member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). The CSA is committed to ensuring the security of cloud services. Today, with the addition of Huawei, the CSA has nine executive corporate members. Executive members receive special access to the leadership team and board of directors of the CSA via an advisory group, the Executive Membership Council.

Huawei joined the CSA in 2012. The company has participated in several working groups such as the virtualization working group and is the main contributor to CSA’s “Mitigating Risks in a Virtualized Environment White Paper”.

Huawei also helped to create an ISO/IEC JTC1 virtualization security standard on behalf of the CSA. Based on its contributions to the CSA and the industry, the CSA International Standardization Council (ISC) granted Huawei one of its 10 member seats in 2014. The ISC is responsible for coordinating all aspects of standardization efforts within the CSA.

As a leading provider of cloud computing solutions, Huawei's CSA Executive membership is part of the company's commitment to developing more open, cooperative and secure cloud ecosystems.

Huawei will work with the CSA and its members to advance their innovative efforts, such as the Cloud component specification working group and cloud security services management working group, to ensure that users of cloud services have confidence in the security of their information. Huawei is willing to utilize its expertise and advocate for more CSA members to work together to improve the security of cloud services.

"Through our partnership with global telecommunications operators and cloud service providers, such as China Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, and Telefonica, Huawei has developed valuable, real life experience in security of information and control in the cloud,” said John Suffolk, Global Cyber Security & Privacy Protection Officer (GSPO) of Huawei. “We look forward to working with the Cloud Security Alliance as an executive member to share that expertise to the betterment of the cloud computing industry.”

"In 2012, we welcomed Huawei join the group of industry leaders that comprises the CSA," said Jim Reavis, Co-founder and CEO of the CSA. "As a trusted partner to most of the world's top network operators, we now welcome Huawei’s expertise and contributions to both our ongoing and new research initiatives that continue to improve the security of cloud computing."

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