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Thailand's five major data center service providers have formed a strategic alliance with the goal of transforming the country into a major data center hub for Southeast Asia. Representatives from the local units of AIMS Data Centre, Evolution DC, NTT Global Data Centers, STT GDC, and Telehouse signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish the Thailand Data Centre Council (TDCC).

Pioneering a Mission-Critical Industry

The TDCC stated that its primary goal is to promote the data center sector as a mission-critical industry within the country’s economy. By emphasizing its importance, the TDCC aims to garner greater recognition and support from government agencies, policymakers, and stakeholders, thereby fostering an environment conducive to growth and innovation within the sector.

Additionally, the TDCC seeks to establish a robust network of digital infrastructure service providers across Thailand. This entails fostering collaboration and partnership among industry players, including data center operators, telecommunications companies, cloud service providers, and technology vendors. By creating a cohesive ecosystem of service providers, the TDCC aims to enhance the availability, reliability, and efficiency of digital infrastructure services nationwide, ultimately benefiting businesses, consumers, and the broader economy.

Fostering Regulation, Expansion and Professional Growth

The TDCC intends to represent the data center industry and related sectors, particularly in terms of regulatory advocacy. The TDCC will also help members expand their data center business's international competitiveness, foster professional growth among data center entrepreneurs and digital industry personnel, and advocate ethical practices that are consistent with international standards and practices.

The TDCC will also look for ways to help Thailand's data center industry grow, with the goal of capitalizing on the country's potential to become a data center hotbed for Southeast Asia.

“Thailand's strategically advantageous geographical location and supportive digital policies have positioned it as an attractive destination for investments from global digital service providers and data center operators,” the council said in a statement.

By positioning Thailand as a hub for data center excellence and digital infrastructure services, the region stands to benefit from increased investment, technological advancements, and economic growth.

A thriving data center sector in Thailand not only attracts domestic and international businesses seeking reliable infrastructure but also serves as a catalyst for innovation and digital transformation across various industries. Moreover, by fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the region, the TDCC's efforts have the potential to stimulate the broader development and integration of digital infrastructure across Southeast Asia, driving progress towards a more connected and digitally empowered future.

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