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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been selected as Principal Malaysia’s cloud provider to advance its digital transformation initiatives and improve customer experiences, establishing the investment company as a frontrunner in Malaysia and ASEAN financial services industries.

Cloud Migration

Principal, a joint venture between Principal Financial Group (PFG) and CIMB Group Holdings Berhad, is set to migrate 35 business-critical applications and 150 servers to AWS, including vital applications and servers like Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Principal will be able to adapt quickly to increasing customer demands by utilizing the scalability and agility solutions that AWS’ cloud technology offers.

Munirah Khairuddin, CEO of Principal Malaysia and Global Islamic, Managing Director of Strategic Distribution & Institutional Clients for Principal Southeast Asia, reiterated the company’s commitment to empowering customers throughout their financial journey.

“By leveraging AWS cloud technology, we strive to continue supporting our customers in building, protecting, and advancing their financial well-being,” said Khairuddin.

Cloud-First Strategy

Utilizing a cloud-first strategy, Principal is able to consistently evaluate the state of the industry and execute business decisions with agility and promptness. The transition to AWS was prompted by the increasing number of investors in Malaysia— enabling the development of sophisticated and engaging financial services for a growing client base in a scalable and flexible setting.

The implementation of the AWS cloud and the subsequent training of Principal’s staff have revolutionized the technology culture of the company, facilitating seamless collaboration among its various business divisions. Principal intends to capitalize on AWS' worldwide infrastructure offerings, such as Amazon Connect, Amazon Relational Database Service, and Amazon API Gateway, to invest in the development of novel technologies, reduce the size of its data centers, and explore global business opportunities.

“AWS is proud to support Principal as they innovate, respond to new market opportunities, and evolve to meet changing customer needs here in Malaysia, and we look forward to supporting Principal’s mission to foster a world where financial security is accessible by all,” said Pete Murray, Country Manager, Malaysia and Head of FSI, ASEAN, AWS.

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