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MATRIXX Software, a leading global provider of 5G monetization solutions, has announced that Telstra, a major telecommunications company in Australia, has completed a multi-year expansion with the company. Telstra first implemented MATRIXX in 2014, and this new agreement expands MATRIXX's role to include operations support that was previously managed by other vendors.

Dynamic Slice Monetization

The expansion also provides additional charging capabilities for a wide range of consumer and enterprise services, including important features like dynamic slice monetization, to fully support 5G standalone (SA).

Dynamic slice monetization allows network operators to create and offer customized service slices tailored to specific customer needs and applications. In a 5G SA environment, where network slicing is a fundamental feature, this capability is essential. Different slices can be allocated with varying quality of service (QoS) parameters, bandwidth, latency, and other characteristics to meet diverse requirements, such as enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC), and massive machine-type communication (mMTC).

In line with Telstra's ongoing T25 transformation strategy, the decision to consolidate charging with MATRIXX will allow Telstra to achieve cost savings and remove obstacles to innovation. By improving operations and reducing time-to-market, this deeper partnership will enhance Telstra's go-to-market efforts.

Converged Monetization

The MATRIXX platform has continuously grown to meet Telstra's digital journey, providing converged monetization for Telstra's post-paid services on both 4G/LTE and 5G networks across consumer, SMB, IoT, and enterprise services.

Shailin Sehgal, Telstra's product enablement technology executive, said, "The success of our T25 vision relies on our partners who make it possible. MATRIXX has been a valued partner of Telstra since the beginning of our digital transformation journey. This new agreement demonstrates the strength of the relationship we have built over the years and highlights how close collaboration and trusted partnerships can benefit every aspect of the business."

Meanwhile, Glo Gordon, CEO of MATRIXX Software, added, "Telstra has been one of our earliest customers and investors, and they have played a crucial role in shaping our company. We have always been dedicated to the success of our customers worldwide, and this expansion is a testament to that commitment to Telstra and a validation of our belief that our customers' success is our success."

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