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STT Global Data Centers, a leading data center operator in India, has announced its plans to invest USD 229 million in expanding its operational capacity in Tamil Nadu, the southernmost state in the country. Currently, STT GDC India's Chennai data center network consists of three facilities, which collectively offer over 45 MW of IT load capacity.

One of these facilities, STT Chennai DC 2, is one of India's largest operational data centers, covering approximately 37,160 square meters. STT GDC India aims to develop an additional data center capacity of up to 80 MW of critical load in multiple phases over the next five to seven years in suitable locations across the state.

A data center capacity of up to 80 MW offers significant advantages such as scalability to meet growing demands, enhanced reliability through redundant systems, cost efficiency via economies of scale, flexibility in service offerings, improved performance, support for emerging technologies, and a competitive edge in the market. Overall, it ensures efficient data storage and processing, meeting diverse customer needs while providing reliability and cost-effectiveness for data center operators.

This expansion aims to meet the growing demand for data storage and processing services in India. It will contribute to infrastructure development, create job opportunities, support technological advancement, and promote regional development. The initiative highlights a commitment to sustainable practices amidst increasing energy consumption concerns in data center operations.

Leveraging Tamil Nadu’s Resources

This investment will strengthen Tamil Nadu's position as a key data center hub in India. The state already hosts data centers from major players like NTT, Yotta, and CtrlS, making it a preferred destination for enterprises seeking reliable and secure data storage solutions.

STT GDC stated that this strategic move aligns with their expansion plans and takes advantage of Tamil Nadu's economic pre-eminence and natural advantages. The state offers robust infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and a supportive government, making it an attractive destination for data center development.

The company already has the largest number of data centers in the country and a global presence, with data centers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, and India.

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