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Vonage has announced a collaboration with Telkomsel— a top Indonesian digital telecommunications company. The goal is to enhance the network's capabilities for developers, enterprises, and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) through APIs.

Telkomsel is a key player in implementing CAMARA APIs in the market as part of the global GSMA Open Gateway initiative. This initiative aims to give developers and enterprises universal access to operator networks by integrating network APIs seamlessly with operator networks. To make it easier for developers and enterprises to access network APIs, Telkomsel has introduced Digihub, a platform that provides access to Telkomsel's network APIs.

Digihub opens up opportunities for the development of innovative digital service solutions by providing easy access to Telkomsel's APIs, allowing businesses to explore new possibilities for innovation and expand their digital services.

Exposing 5G and Converged Capabilities through APIs

Vonage's communications and network APIs simplify the process of integrating communication capabilities into applications, systems, and workflows for developers. By collaborating with Telkomsel's Digihub network API capabilities, both companies aim to empower developers to create advanced, secure, reliable, and innovative applications by exposing 5G and converged capabilities through APIs.

This will foster an ecosystem for open innovation, leading to new services and solutions that enhance application performance, create new applications, and improve customer experiences. Telkomsel will speed up developer adoption by offering its network APIs through Vonage's global first-to-market service, the Vonage Network Registry, to bring business solutions to market faster.

The service will also help CSPs scale the use of network APIs by simplifying and standardizing the approval process and granting access to network providers' APIs for Application Service Providers (ASPs).

Pioneering Innovative Capabilities

Seckin Arikan, EVP and Head of Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and Global Network Platform (GNP) Sales at Vonage, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Telkomsel. By combining Vonage's global communications and network APIs with Telkomsel's leading network APIs, they aim to provide new capabilities to enterprises and end users in Indonesia, while driving innovation for the network. They are expanding their CSP partnerships worldwide and look forward to bringing these innovative capabilities to Indonesian enterprises.

Furthermore, Wai Kiat Kwok, Vice President Enterprise Product Management and Development at Telkomsel, shared his excitement about partnering with Vonage to leverage the network's potential through APIs and unlock new opportunities in the telecommunications industry.

This collaboration demonstrates their commitment as a top digital telco service provider in Indonesia, continuously driving innovation through cutting-edge technology to empower the nation's digital ecosystem and promote economic growth by offering value-added services to customers.

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